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Medications that I must take because I have PTSD were not ordered from physician in time , causing prescription to run out, was told( I would have to tough it out) I called Corporate and the Clinton Mo. Walgreen store was told to give me enough medication to get through the weekend.

So this is how Walgreen treats the returning Veterans, and other people needing medications? One of the Pharmacist actually asked me if I was selling my medications! There are two Pharmacist in Clinton Mo. who should not be there, they are uncaring,to lazy to call my doctor get an ok to refill my prescription since I was going to run out of medication..

These two people are rude and according to The Corporate office lied to me. These two ladies always questioned me, making me feel like a criminal every time I picked up my medication ,causing further stress!

User's recommendation: Go to Summers pharmacy for courteous stress free effecient with all medications there as needed.

Location: Columbia, Missouri

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Your phone can dial the doctor also. You had bottles that said "no refill" for almost a month and could have called your doctor at any time.

Also, when you have a doctor appt and he says "see you in six months", you should always check he gave you enough refills to last through your next appt. You sound like your ten years old and cant handle your own matters.