Raleigh, North Carolina
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I tried to submit an online complaint. Spent 10 minutes writing all the info, then when I went to submit, an error message occurred. Even their complaint systems are incompetent.

~~~ 2323 NE Maynard, Cary NC 27513~~~

I've been going to this Walgreens for the past 2 years because my health insurance required me to switch from CVS to Walgreens. The pharmacy at this particular store is consistent inferior to its competitors, and frustrating for regular customers.

Rx is NEVER ready when I go to pick it up, even 2 days after it was called in. I ask them to please fill it. They tell me to come back in 2 hours. Ridiculous. The drive-thru takes 15 minutes if there's more than one car waiting. The speaker system is the from 1980s. If I go inside, there's always a line, and always a problem with a customer in front of me who says they were told their Rx was ready, but it wasn't. I spent 40 minutes in there today and left without my medication.

Today, the pharmacy drive-thru speaker was broken (there's often a sign posted on the drive-thru explaining some sort of problem that requires you to go inside). The woman working the pharmacy counter was obviously stressed, and wasn't good at handling customers. Aside from being painfully slow (as always...) "We busy today. Yesterday was Christmas, so today we have to work twice as hard." She asked for each customer's name several times. Then said, "Just first 3 letters of last name." Had trouble with the spelling, Couldn't tell a "B" from a "D", then explained the drug wasn't ready. "It take 20 minutes. You wait." I don't have time to wait. No one has time to wait. Someone wanted to buy Tylenol and pay for it there, and she asked, "You pay now. Why not later." The female pharmacist witnessed most of it. She seemed smart and on top of things, and must have heard this woman's flustered snapping at customers. A black guy asked her why she told him he had to come inside because other people are able to use the drive through. She shrugged and said, "It go down all the time. It back up now." He clearly thought he had been slighted.

There was a man walking around who I guessed was a store manager, but he seem oblivious to the customers standing 4 feet away who were all frustrated. He just strolled by. I went to find him after my experience, but no one was at the checkout counters or entrance to the store.

If this was a one-time event, that would be a different situation. it seems like I always have to go back 2 or 3 times each time I have an Rx.

The woman was wearing a badge, but there was no name visible. She was around 50-60 years old. Thin and petite. Straight dark hair down to her shoulders. Wore glasses. Asian. She sounded Vietnamese, but I'm no expert. Clearly not a native English speaker.

The drive through needs to be updated. Compared with CVS where you just drive up, a human opens the window, you show them your cell phone app, and get your drugs immediately. Every time. No issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Why isn't there an option to check MULTIPLE problems. Slow processing, products not ready, understaffed, rude staff member, etc..

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: My loss is the huge amount of time I've wasted in line or coming back multiple times because they're so slow/inept. Their systems are dinosaurs. Something is often broken in the drive-through. .

Walgreens Pros: Convenient location, Fact they have a drive-thru pickup window, Store location convenient, Nice neighborhood, Location.

Walgreens Cons: Consistently slow, Drive-thru speaker is often broken, Long lines at pharmacy, Prescription was not ready for pickup, No privacy.

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