Winter Park, Florida

October 16, 2008

Good Afternoon:

To be honest with you, a telephone call just isn't satisfactory to me. I am aghast that it has taken this long for someone to actually take the time to respond...

My initial consumer complaint was sent to your corporation back on September the 12th, it now is October 16th. I had to take the time to even resend the hard copy complaint, and yes, again at my expense. And to date, electronically, there have been 24 writings. This is inexcusable, and from such a widely known corporation such as yourself.

As written you have my address ~ I certainly would expect some sort of written apology and even perhaps compensation to show indeed I am valued and you would like to retain my business.

The only thing left that I have to say is: Shame on you, Walgreens. What is the purpose of having a site where complaints appear to be welcomed only to fall on deaf (ears) and blind eyes!

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In response to "mike." France is nothing but a bunch of CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEES!


you do realize that you should send a complaint to walgreens right...not writing letters on this site cause this is not an offical walgreens site run by walgreens by any means. Just another fool on the internet

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47567

If you are so poor that you beg for compensation like a dog than why did you resend the complaint at your expense?


America is full of complainers, never satisfied. always wanting something from nothing.

Americans are so spoiled. hooray for France....

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