Orlando, Florida

I had continual problems filling a Nucynta 150mg ER Rx my Dr routinely prescribed for me. I would have to go from Walgreens to Walgreens to see if they had Nucynta in stock.

Everyone would tell me they didn't have it even in locations I had previously gotten it. Finally I got a new Pharmacy tech who when I asked if they had it she had it she said yes I asked could they order it and she said "oh sure." and I saw the Pharmasist shake her head and say "no". Finally I got the whole story that I had only been getting a Courtsey fill for the past 8 months as my Doctor is in Orange County Florida and I live in Brevard County Florida!

No one at ANY of the other MANY other locations of Walgreens I had been in EVER told me that! They just kept saying "we don't have that medication.""They don't tell us what medications we get every month,we can't order anything." I have been a Walgreens customer filling my Rx's with them since they opened a Location in Montgomery NY in 2010 or 2011!

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