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My nurse sent a script for lyrica over to my local walgreens...well, I called to see if it was ready and I was told "I don't feel comfortable filling your script...I noticed it's more than the reccommended dose, and I refuse to fill it until I talk to your doctor". Why would the nurse send an exact copy of what the DR prescribed if it wasn't what he wanted me to take???? I;m sorry if you pharmacists have your "not-so-fuzzy feelings" about someone's meds, but when a prescription comes in, do your *** job and FILL THE PRESCRIPTION!!!

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I noticed the responses here. I can't count how many times I have had people tell me what a pharmacists 'job' is and I feel that the responses here are saying the same.

Apparently in this complaint post you are saying that the pharmacist was questioning the prescription dosage and you are angry about it? And if you were injured by that medication dose you would be angry about that too and sue everybody? And at that time it would be the pharmacists fault for not verifying the dosage with the doctor right?

And that would make you angry, and the pharmacists and doctors would feel hurt because you were hurt. There's an old saying 'Better safe than sorry' and that is common sense.


this is true i cant count the times doctors have sent in RXs for medications exceeding the recomended dose and in some cases could have caused serious side effects or a possible overdose! doctors dont always do the math!

it is the pharmacists job to double check! and if it is over looked guess who pays the price they do! and this is not just for controls we had a kid the other day that was perscribed nearly 3 to 4 times the recomended dose on a non controlled substance in which was either a calculation error or electronic error on the doctors part and had the pharmacist not caught it and put a hold on it till the doctor verified the dosage it could have cause a possible overdose!in any case if a drug is above the recomended dose it must be verified all drugs not just controls have side effects in which will increase and or could cause harm to a patient and in some cases even dealth. not only is our job at stake but a life is alot at stake!

we would rather not take our chances. and keep in mind it is an inconvinience for not only you but us we are taking time away from our work to ensure your safty!


dun take this the wrong way but the pharmacist is just doing his job! honestly the pharmacist know more about med then doctor!

as u said on ur title...'control control' it is part of the control to assure you are not over dose or taking the right med :)


It is actually the job of the pharmacist to ensure that they are dispensing medications safely.

No knowing what your doctor prescribed I cannot comment. However in many instances excessive dosages can result in permenent injury or death. Had to doctor made an error or was unfamiliar with the medication it is the JOB of the pharmacist to ensure that you are obtaining a safe dose.

Those "not so-fussy feelings" are legal and ethical obligations to safegaurd your health and well being.