Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Called Walgreens today about an item in stock! I was going to go there to use coupons and the lady said I could only buy ONE!

They were like you cant wipe the shelves.... I was not planning on wiping the shelves but at least purchasing 2 even would have been okay! Apparently they have the right to refuse how much they can sell to people. But really only ONE....

Never post anything on their facebook it will get erased! Very Professional Right! Never contacted me to ask what's wrong.

I guess they want to lose customers! I will never return to a Walgreen again!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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First of all these coupons are out there for a reason. Although I agree that "wiping shelves out" is not fair to all, did the employee on the other end of the line even ASK if she had a coupon or assume she had one.

Another point is although my local Walgreens knows me and is very nice some you come across treat us like weare beggars. Walgreens allows the extra savings so we come back again. For the above comment from Tasha to say that anyone is spoiled and wags doesn't care about losing one customer....I say you're losing more than one since this customer will tell their friends too and Walgreens I starting to get a rap of shoddy inventory and rudeness everywhere on forums.

There is nothing wrong with any customer who shops with a few coupons in this bad economy as long as they don't "wipe out". But I'd also say the manager should do a better job planning ahead for a great deal!!


Have to be fair to all. If limit is one they have stick to policy or someone would wipe shelf.

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