Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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The Walgreens in eau claire on Hastings way is always slow for drive thru. I just waited 25 minutes on a Saturday morning to pick up my meds after getting 5 reminder calls.

Staff the drive thru with more people. It's ridiculous to have to wait that long but it seems to happen all the time. I will be transferring my meds elsewhere. This place sucks!

They didn't even acknowledge me when I pulled up so after 10 minutes I rang the bell and was told "be with you in a minute".

Now why not do that right away? Just a hot mess.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: 25 minutes of my time is what I lost! Staff the drive thru with a lot more people. You would think with cvs moving across the street that Walgreens would want to be competitive but clearly they don't. This isn't rocket science and it's not a new issue.

Walgreens Cons: Loss of time.

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Agreed. Some of the staff there are awesome and others are not.

Sorry to hear it went badly. I too have not always benefitted from their staff. You can always switch to somewhere else. In fact, your insurance may even let you do mail order and your could get up to 90 days worth of meds at a time.

Can you tell I work in the social services world? Good luck!


Walgreen has the worst customer service ever!...they can not work in fast pace and have the worst people working there and very rud people. I think someone needs to step up and care about how us customers feel its crazy I've never been treated so rud in my life. It made me sad cause I been with walgreens forever and now its time to switch else where.


You do realize that pharmacies get REALLY busy right?? Also Walgreens can't "staff" people for the drive-thru.

Techs go where they are needed. So if there's a long line up front, 20 scripts to fill, and the phone ringing off the hook, sometimes people in drive thru have to wait. Not to mention that the drive-thru at pharmacies isn't like McDonald's where you get your order in five minutes. Pharmacy employees want to help everybody and ensure that they give assistance to each person.

Sometimes, that may cause you to wait a while for your medication. Get off your high horse.


Really? Go *** yourself.

Obviously you work there and this is a website call "pissed off customer". Take YOUR sermon elsewhere ***.


I'm allowed to write reviews on other companies. And yes I do work there so I do understand how things work on the inside.

Personally, I'm not fond of the Walgreens company itself, I took the job to gain experience working in a pharmaceutical setting. Some of the pharmacies are ***, yes. Things go wrong, yes. When it comes to medicine, if the pharmacy makes a mistake, it's a horrible situation for the customer.

HOWEVER when it comes to something like waiting for a prescription in the drive-thru, that's an issue that *** me off. It's not like most pharmacy employees are purposely being slow and trying to *** customers off.

We work with medicine and have to be meticulous about things, and these things take time. You're so ignorant.


Again, this is a website to share a complaint. You personalized the review.

A little communication goes a long way. the public doesn't know your staffing problems and you don't know the particular pharmacy I'm even talking about unless you work there. These were refills that I called in days before and I know there are ways to make things more efficient. Don't tell me I'm ignorant because you don't like your job or the company.

Also, look at all the other reviews and people noting the same thing. I didn't ask for you to respond to me. I was sharing my experience with others to warn them. The only response I want from Walgreens is a plan to make things more efficient.

Don't condescend me or enlighten me further because you think I'm an ***. You're a *** and have nothing to offer here.