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I went to the Walgreens in Chula Vista, CA store #02623, and purchased three items that were on 'sale'. I did notice, and called it to the managers attention that the products were expired nearly two months ago, as could be many other products elsewhere in the store.

The manager took them back, and did not offer a discount, or replace them with a later expiration date. No appreciation said/shown. I have called the office of the headquarters, and very aware that I could call the Health Board, and have this store fined/shut down. My receipt was not in the purchased bag as I thought, given to me in a timely manner, and the cashier had ripped it up, after I had to re-enter the store and ask for it.

I had a VERY disillusioning experience, and may discontinue Walgreens from any further shopping experiences. Their competitor CVS shows a more professional, appreciative attitude, has better sales, and I may continue shopping there ONLY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Reality check here....The reason the receipt was ripped up was because you left it there and that is what is to happen to it so someone else doesn't use it to steal items. You DO NOT sale expired items at a discount.

You need to be thankful that you got your money back. Come work at a retail store and you will understand that this happens. People are humans and things get missed. It also happens at CVS and every other store also.

Shut the store down by complaining about this? get a life and find something else to complain about.


Cvs has been fined multiple times by many jurisdictions for out dated merchandise on their shelves.


You're an ***! Stick with cvs and don't ever enter into a Walgreens store again!

Why the *** would a manager want to sell and expired item at a discounted price and why would you want to buy it? ***!


he's a a consumer you should be checking such things. i always check milk...but a candy bar or vitamins i'll live with it or return it to get a replacement.

if it was a clearance item and they dont sell it any more an apology and a refund is more than enough. not like its a car or a $100 turkey...(which would warrant a refund plus an extra for your time) yeah the store can get fined. tho usually they will be given a warning than more surprise checks to confirm they are doing better.

getting shut down is unlikely just from some expired items...and if you have free time i dare you to check everything a cvs sells or any other retailer because i can bet my life they'll have something that is expired. in the end its not a big deal to most adults...


It's too bad every store for any company which sells has just as much issues with expired products. It's nothing new.

I'm not saying there's no excuse for it. It is unfortunate that it's becoming more difficult to find employees with good attitudes for any work place.