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I had ordered calendar online to on 10th was given confirmation to pick up at 11:14pm. I arrived at the store next morning on 11th at 8:50am, had to ask front cashier for help. She called someone to come and help. Man came to help and was interrupted by Walgreen’s customer service alarm so went away and came back to help me. I asked about pick up and gave my name, he looked around and didn’t find my order so instead of telling me it’s not ready, he starts turning on the lab to run the order. I asked him if it’s not ready yet his response it will take 30 min and will be ready. I left told him I will be back by 6 to pick up the order as I will be late for work. Also asked him if the calendar will come with plastic cover on and will be punch hold, his response was YES.

Arrived again at 6pm, waiting at photo counter again, cashier named Ashley walks by sees me waiting their but goes on doing what she was doing, I approached her and asked for help. She gets my order out before I pay I asked if I can just look at it. My order was not done the way I had asked, even after telling the man in the morning what I was look for. She calls the manager to come help, and we get Michelle to come help us. As I told her about the conversation I had in the morning. Her response was “may be the clerk who printed the order didn’t know about that, so let me find out” and she disappears. Few minutes later Kiamara(the one who printed the order) comes to answer my question and tells me that they do not have that plastic that goes on the calendar. So my question was how come the guy in morning told me that it will have it. So they all start asking me about whom that guy was that had helped me in morning because he has given me wrong information. By the way they haven’t figured out who that person is. They told me ever y Walgreen’s is different and they don’t have the same product. My response I have printed calendar in TX and NY before and I have gotten it with the plastic cover. So my next question was if they know which Walgreen’s has the full product. They all go in to the office, after 15 min Ashley and Kiamara comes back out Ashley calls the store on Gates st, and tells me that they have it and I can get it from them. So I asked do I have to send my order to that store right, she told me I can pay to them and take the calendar to that store to get it fixed and it will be at no charge. So I asked if they can get the plastic to this store and I come back and pick it up later as I am new to the area. Without even thinking for second she tells me they can’t do that. Michelle decides to join us again instead of helping tells me that she didn’t give me the wrong information it was the guy in the morning. So I ask to speak with manager, Ashley calls Juan. He was aware of situation and was willing to listen and help while Ashley, Kiamara and Michelle were just too busy blaming the guy in morning for giving out wrong information. Juan starts looking for the plastic while Kiamara tells him don’t bother, we don’t have it. And Michelle is still screaming that she dint give the wrong information. Meanwhile Juan did find that plastic that goes on top of the calendar, Ashley‘s questions do you still want the calendar? I was so fade up with Michelle that I just wanted to leave, so asked my last question what do you do with the product that’s not picked up? You do not use it as a sample right? Her response we do not do that it’s illegal. But that’s not my question?

Ashley; learnt to acknowledge the people around you. People should not have to come and look for you in your own department asking for help. Don’t ask customer if they want it, of course we want it that’s why we order it. And don’t tell me it will be free? Because it’s not, I have to go out of my way to other store to pick it up. something you guys have it and are just ignorant about it.

Michelle; not sure if she is understands English because I clearly never told her it was her fault. Learn the meaning of team work because if you do good or bad it comes down to the whole store not just you. And keep your condescending tone at home when you come to work. No one appreciates that.

Kiamara; learn the product in the department you run.

Juan; if you would have come in the first time I had asked for manager and found the plastic and helped I would have walked out of there with my calendar and you would have kept your costumer.

After wasting close to an hour in the store and making 2 trips for one product I still walk out empty-handed. The girls managed to make an issue on something that should not have been a problem because you had the product just not the knowledge on what to do with it. May be you need to train you staff in photo department and teach them the meaning of team work. I am so sorry to see that Walgreen’s in NY have lower there values on customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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As for the photo not being in their own department,

Front cashier has their duties in their small section, Cosmetics cashier as their duties in their small section, and then photo's duties are with the rest of the store. This is why photo is out and about in the store all the time.

And no, it's not as simple as hiring more people. I would love if it was that simple, so much love if it could happen.

Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that no one stopped to see if you required assistance as they are going by you. One of the customer service things we are asked to do is ask how customer's are doing or how we can help them as we see them close by us.


"Arrived again at 6pm, waiting at photo counter again, cashier named Ashley walks by sees me waiting their but goes on doing what she was doing, I approached her and asked for help."

Well, good thing you are approaching her for help. Last time I checked mind reading was not one of the requirements to work at Walgreens.

At least you did not need mommy to tell her you needed help. You handled that pretty well. Give yourself a pat on the back. So unless you tell her that you need help you she would not know.

Also learn how to spell it is "fed up" not "fade up". Learn English, Ashley asked you a question and you did not reply to her. Also 11:14pm is nearly 15 hours after 8:50 am. Same with 6pm it is almost five hours before the promised time.

You came early, and expected everything done for you. What kind of company hires someone who has not even passed simple fourth grade math.

I ask this because you mentioned you work and would have been late for work. A friend or family member must have hired you because not many people would hire someone with only a fourth grade education.