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8/17/2020 8:43am at Sewell, NJ Walgreens location. Survey # 103*-421*-021 and password 720*-817*-326.

Employees working there were very rude. I approached checkout counter and younger girl and older woman were too busy talking and ignored me, didn't greet or say hello or anything to me at all. I was completely ignored from start to finish. Younger girl working only was talking to older woman about going away for a week to Sea Isle with her family end of this month.

I've worked in customer service for 7 years and I usually don't complain, I understand good feedback is important as well, so I write good reviews too. Unfortunately, these employees didn't give me anything good to write about. They need to be training to greet someone and stop personal conversations in front of customers.. it's rude and not courteous whatsoever.

I know times are tough, but if they don't feel like working they shouldn't be there. Plenty of people are in need of work right now.

Preferred solution: Educate employees on proper customer service.

Location: 500 Egg Harbor Road, Sewell, NJ 08080

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