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Quit trying to scam our store. If you don't likethe price of our products, then by all means, don't buy them, or find a coupon, or look for the deals that will help you. But please, do not waste our time by insisting to cashiers that the price of a product is less than it is advertised.

Everyday I get at least one person who claims something on the shelf is the wrong price, so I definitely check it, and it never is wrong. Usually the customer doesn't read the label correctly, or they try to scheme by getting the item that is on sale next to the one they actually want and insist that the item is on sale. Sometimes I just have people that will blatently lie to get something for cheap or for free, who don't even defend themselves after I catch them lying. They know it, I know it, and they know that I know they're lying. I think that customers think the cashiers are just idiots, and will believe anything people say.

Also, using outrageous complaints just to get something for free shows how low people will go just so they don't have to pay. Listen people, I know it's a big company, and you're $25 gift card is chump change to them, but do remember that the company has to pay people, yes real people like you, to work there, and by you trying to relentlessly scam the store for money is an employee's raise that they will never see.

Please, don't play dumb. Our cashier's know you're lying through your teeth,and if you really don't know, read the sign. 99% of people complaining about a price is because they don't actually read the sign. It will save everyone time and stress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Coupon.

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Ugh, the worse is when they stare you straight in the face and say something like, "Well, all the other cashiers just give me the sale". ***, I don't care about you or your needs, either follow the rules or harass someone else.