Cleveland, Ohio

Cashier was exremely rude during this whole ordeal..ran into store to buy birthday cards and one bottle of wine. Two sisters with me, one almost 30yrs old the other 18.

Cashier asked for my id, then my sister, then my other sister...ridiculous and other stores do that..what if she had been my daughter and I was buying alcohol? ? You're going to card children with their parents next?? I understand if she felt uncomfortable, fine, but she was so.condesceding and rude....I then said could I please just return everything I will go.somewhere else.

She refused to give me a receipt, but held "her copy" in my face and said this is my proof but I don't get a.copy and there is no way to print me one...that is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER don't deny someone.a.copy of their returm receipt, and the complete lack of common courtesy and basic manners was unreal. NOT what a 4month pregnant woman needs to deal with..I have enough stress I will never go there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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She's right that you can't print a duplicate receipt BUT with enough information a member of management can print a statement of your receipt.


Hey Anonymous...

IDs are only asked from the person that is actually purchasing the alcoholic beverage.

Also the purchaser, is the one that must carry it out of the store (provided that the person is accompanied by minors)... What he or she does after they leave Walgreens is on them. if shes pregnant or whatever, thats the customers business and not yours.

Also Walgreens has the right to refuse the sale if the person seems like they are intoxicated.

But asking for IDs from everyone in the group is overkill and would cause privacy concerns for the customers.

Now, if the cashier suspected that the alcohol was for the minors... Then thats another story.

Source: I work for Walgreens


IF you are actually pregnant you shouldn't be drinking alcohol to begin with, so why were you buying wine? Some stores do ask to see the IDs of every person that looks like an adult when one person is buying an alcoholic beverage.

Just because your younger sister was 18, that is still underage for consuming alcohol. The age limit is 21. I don't know why you would need to have a return receipt when you hadn't taken anything out of the store. Actually the only reason you would need to have the return receipt is if you only returned part of the purchases.

I don't understand what the fact that you are four months pregnant has to do with anything.

This is something like when people play the race card, if you can't deal with a minor problem like this maybe you should remain housebound. Grow up!!!


It's hysterical to me that YOU would tell someone to grow up given the petty and childish nature of most of your posts. Obviously YOU have no idea who she was buying wine for and it's not relevant in any way to the complaint.


its the LAW to card everyone in those situations

First Born Triplet

Right on, they were not being rude, just doing their job.