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I live in Florida. No prescription is required for the purchase of insulin syringes.

I have been purchasing the syringes without a prescription for the past two years. They are for my 18 year old diabetic cat. This evening I stopped at the Walgreens on SR 200 in Ocala next to West Marion Hospital. I asked for a box of insulin syringes.

The pharmacist asked if I had a prescription. I said no, I only want the syringes not the insulin. The Walgreens pharmacist told me that I need a prescription for the syringes. I told her that you do not need a prescription for syringes in FL.

She told me that she was not going to sell me the syringes without a prescription because I might use them to do drugs. At this point I realized I was dealing with incompetence and asked for the manager. The manager told me the pharmacist is in charge of the pharmacy, and that he could not make her sell me the syringes. He said she was brand new, just out of school.

He called the Walgreens 2 miles up the road on SR 200 and 60th Avenue. They had a very competent pharmacist working. She told the manager that they had the syringes and would sell them to me without a prescription. I drove to that Walgreens and completed my purchase.

Walgreens needs to hire competent pharmacists at every store. If there is a new pharmacist make sure she is competent before letting her work unsupervised!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Refused to sell product, rude..

Preferred solution: Hire competent people, supervise new ones..

Walgreens Cons: Rx refused sale of syringes implied i was a drug user.

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The same thing just happened to me and I live in Des Moines IA!! I feel like this should be righted by Walgreens.

I guess I have to pay the outrageous vet bill so as to ask them to prescribe me the damn syringes!! And even if I were a drug user her actions would not stop me from using drugs.

I would probably just share needles or use a dirty one which is why it is not illegal to purchase syringes without a prescription. I wonder how many people have made a bad decision due to this pharmacists complete incompetence.


Why would they deny drug addicts clean needles? It's far better for the community to prevent the spread of AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc. Just sell the syringes to ALL adults.


Needles and syringes are definitely not sold unless you have a record of medicines on the computer that require them. You don't need a new prescription just proof that one of your medicines requires it.

Even pets have patient profiles. No proof = no needles.


The pharmacist has the legal right to refuse to sell certain items if a person appears intoxicated or under the influence of a potentially illegal substance. What was your personal appearance and hygiene like when you went to the first pharmacy?


That's not true they are legal and no-one has the right to tell u no


New Pharmacist needs to be re-educated.