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I have taken Tramadol 50MG for over a decade due to an extremely painful and permanently debilitating injury I received in the military. I have no criminal record ( not even a speeding ticket) and am a devoted Mom and self employed artist.

My left arm had 5 separate compound fractures, an open fracture at the elbow joint ( 2 inches of bone protruding through skin) and extensive muscle damage and muscle loss... I nearly lost my arm altogether. After 4 reconstructive surgeries (And years of physical therapy) including carbon fiber & metal pins holding together my now useless reconstructed elbow/bicep... I was deemed 'disabled' by my Dr. (No amount of physical therapy or more surgery will be able to fix this or help with pain.)

I have always taken my medication as prescribed. I never fill early unless I plan to be on vacation or have some other extenuating circumstance. (Which I always explain to my pharmacy and have my Dr. verify if needs be)

Fast forward 10 years and I move to Albuquerque NM in 2012. My new local Dr. checked my medical history and agree'd that I should continue my tramadol since it is still effectively controlling my pain. 6 months after my move and beginning to use the Walgreens pharmacy (Coors Bypass location) techs started giving me snide comments and stink eye anytime I came to get my medication filled. One tech even made comments to the effect of "someone with tattoos usually has a high pain tolerance, so I don't know why you need these" (I have a lot of ink) and "you are too young to have a pain condition" (I'm in my mid 30's) etc.

After that started the Walgreens started accusing me of filling early. I started logging my refills on their prescription tracking service online and all my prescription history would magically vanish (saying I never filled with them there before. LOL) and then the techs would refuse to fill my prescription for days and even weeks at a time. (I actually had to visit an ER for withdrawal symptoms on one occasion) I would call and verify with my Dr and she assured me everything was in order and there should be no problem getting my refills.

After I told the pharmacy that my Dr. and I are on the same page and that I didn't appreciate the pharm techs jerking me around...they called my Doctor and told her that she has ''misdiagnosed'' me and that I do not need a long term pain management plan.

After that happened I had to dig up ALL of my old medical records and references from previous Drs I had used and Walgreens finally came around and said they would fill my scripts again.

Well on the 1st of this month ( my usual pick up time) they said I was 17 days early! I told them that was completely incorrect and the tech said they couldn't do it before then "Our hands are tied" & "I'm sorry, it's the law" lies to boot just made it even more ridiculous. (Thank god I had a surplus to hold me over. You are not supposed to abruptly stop this medication due to the risk of seizures and death as a result.) The 17th rolls around and the pharmacy then tells me they have to have my Dr re-verify everything with them again. So I wait...for 2 days. I break down on the 19th and call my Dr. personally and she tells me that Walgreens hasn't contacted her office at all and she has no idea why my prescription which was due for the 1st was not filled. (Again, everything was legal and valid.)

My Dr seemed noticeably agitated with the situation and apologized to me and said this happens a lot with Walgreens. She then called into CVS and had all my scripts transferred there. (Which took about 5 minutes)

The risk of death from stopping my medications is outright disgusting since pharmacists are supposedly trained to know the interactions and side effects of the medications they prescribe. Add to the fact that I am a Veteran, a stay at home mom home schooling two small children and I run my own home business (since I can't work full time) means the games the pharmacists played pretty much made my life ***. (Try carrying kids or groceries or turning a steering wheel with one arm while in excruciating pain.)

Discrimination against the disabled is supposed to be illegal... humiliating and lying to the disabled is just plain wrong even if not illegal per say. It has been a totally unprofessional and infuriating exchange with Walgreens up until this point to say the least. I'd even go so far as to say I want to sue for discrimination. (And the fact that them cutting me off from my needed medications this time around actually ruined a wonderful Las Vegas Valentine's trip my husband had planned for months.) Just shameful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Cons: Rude pharmacist, Loss of time, Rude customer service, Customer service, Pharmacist was rude.

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Thank you for your service. Good luck I have similar problems. It's so frustrating!


Your military history doesn't have anything to do with your complaint. You say you need pain medication, that should be all you have to say instead of playing the military card.


The only reason I bring it up is to prove the point of the severity of my disability. It isn't a 'card' it's a relevant point of interest regarding my medical history.

This isn't an unscrupulous "I hurt my neck in a fender bender so I want to live on pain meds" type of injury and explaining the injury and what treatment I have had alone and without context can ( and is) confusing for a lot of people to fathom. Also, the fact that I am in good standing with my community as a Veteran is a plus as well.

You must be a Walgreen's employee eh...why else would you leave a trolling comment? ;)


Have never in my life worked in Walgreens. I am 74, have been retired for nine years.

Have a spine full of arthritis, the other aches and pains that older people get in their joints, and have stage three cancer. Guess what I use to control pain, I taught myself how to self hypnotize myself.

I don't believe in pain medication.


I have paid hundreds of dollars to hypnotists in my attempt to end pain. And I have received Zero improvement. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN SELF-HYPNOTISM.


Just because you don't believe in medications doesn't mean they do not work. (Try having a tooth pulled or having surgery without such medications lol) Your beliefs have nothing to do with the actual science of pain medication usage or the legal nuances of their being prescribed by qualified medical professionals.

Also, I have never been able to be hypnotized in my life.

Several therapists and "quacks" have tried to no avail when it came to helping with issues I have with PTSD.