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Now this comment about the 4y/o boy says it came from a city in Norway. Last time I looked, it said Canada.

Oh well, either way, obviously it wasn't me. We weren't in Norway that day, either.

Original review posted by user Jan 17, 2009

I was disabled 5 yrs ago by a drunk driver. Now, I am on SO much morphine and other mind altering drugs because of the pain and burning sensation that the nerve damage I suffered causes. I can no longer live my life alone safely.

Since I cannot stand to be around the same human for more than a little while, I have a dog trained to keep me from zoning or blacking out. I am also very easy to set off since having my livelihood stolen by a drunk driver at 39 yrs old, so she is also trained to control my anger, and to stop me from hurting someone. We (my service dog[Dana] and I), were denied access at a walgreens once, and even after dealing with corporate mgmt, we got nowhere.

walgreens is breaking the law by doing this, not to mention, doing it to someone who tallies around $4000.00 a month in prescriptions for the rest of his life. Unless another dunk driver comes along and succeeds in finishing what the other one started, (oh, and he was killed in the accident[and uninsured]) I am worth well over a million dollars to a pharmacy over my lifetime.

Consider that at 44 yrs old now (a very healthy 44, too), I will probably be around for at least 30 more yrs, right. $48,000.00 X 30 is $1,440,000. They blew it. Not very smart to be pigheaded, huh? Osco now fills my meds, and we have no problem there.

walgreens discriminates disabled ppl, that's cold and heartless. Don't use walgreens, and if you change pharmacies because of this, tell them you did. My name is Shaun Adams, and my sweetheart of a Doberman service dog is Dana.

Thank you,

Shaun and Dana Adams

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This was BLATANT prejudice!! What if this black manager was told at a bar.."sorry we dont allow black ppl in here?

This horrible guy not only discriminated against the dog but it was a war hero too..and so is the owner!! The manager should be sacked...without question!


Oh, and to those of you who actually have the nerve to admit that you are taking a companion dog in a public place and claiming that they are service dogs - YOU are a HUGE part of our problem, and what you are doing is nothing I would advertise online. You are truly despicable to do that, and I don't care to hear your story, as it DOES NOT relate to mine.

My dogs are REAL medical alert dogs. Ed in Tennessee - you deserved to be yelled at if you brought a regular dog into a Walgreens. Your dog is not properly trained for public access the way that mine, and any other REAL service dog team handler's dogs are. Just because you live in a small town where maybe everyone knows you and your dog doesn't mean you should be able to use him as a service dog when he is not.

Tie him up outside or leave him at home like every other companion dog owner has to do. Stop causing trouble for ALL of us true service dog handlers, because that's what you do by doing what you are doing with your companion dog.


The comment signed "Shaunanddana about the 4 y/o boy..... Notice the author is in Toronto.

That was not me, but some illiterate Canadian ***. I've never been to Canada, and never would go there either. Also, as I said in my other post regarding it, I didn't even have access to a computer on June 23rd, 2010 in any city or country. Actually, Dana, Jodi, and I were in Los Angeles that day.

The July 2nd posts are correct in saying that we were in Overland Park, Ks because I noticed it on our way back to Chicago.

I also know that someone had hacked into our email account around that same time, and sent a bunch of adware to everyone on our contacts list. If you read THIS post, and the original complaint, you can see that I am not illiterate like the *** who posted that about the 4 y/o boy is.


I'm disabled and spend a fortune on meds... formerly at Walgreens.

I have a small mutt that goes with me on leash everywhere. A year ago I was told he was welcome in Walgreens. Today, some *** came up to me while I was standing in the pharmacy line and loudly wanted to know if the dog was a "companion" dog(I think he mean "service" dog). Resisting the temptation to say, "No, I plan on eating him," I said "of course he is." The half-raised clown then went on to explain that "we don't allow dogs." Not wanting the dog's feet to get dirty I said "ok" and turned to leave.

But Bozo had to continue within earshot of two-dozen people, "I'm going to ask YOU to leave the store" (not remove the dog; but myself).

My anger flashed at this point and I told him in an equally loud voice that I heard him the first time and warned him not to get pushy." I went across the street to another pharmacy with my five prescriptions, and having all others transferred from Walgreens there. Walgreens is too big to care, but I will never set foot in another one as long as I live.


i go to walgreens all the time to fill my meds , with my service dog . i have no issues .the manager loves BoonDox my SD and always says "hello" to me .

they might have kicked you out because your a loud angry scary man with a big scary looking dog , and you yell at everyone .


I just noticed what was written on 6-23. I don't know who put that there, but on 6-23, I would not have signed as Shaun and Dana, but Shaun, Dana, and Jodi.

I also had no computer on that day. Someone wrote that and signed our names.

The person who wrote that is an illiterate ***. That wasn't me.


where does it say anything about a 4 year old boy ???


So you almost hurt a 4 year old boy in their store and you're surprised that they banned you? They're banning you because you've proven to them--in some way or another--that you're harmful towards their other customers and definitely not because you have a service dog.


Actually it is me they are not allowing in the stores, this is discrimination. I found out this because even with the dog i amlost hurt someone a four year old boy because he was standing in my way.

mother complained they banned me. The accident made me like this.


I have no idea who's response this is. It is not our's (shaunanddana).

Where the *** is Holmestrand, Vestfold? We live in the United States. Also, I would never hurt a child, or threaten to either. The original post is the only message I put here.

I guess that since I mentioned my dog helping to control my anger, someone thought they would roll with that and add lies about me in my name, but as I mentioned, they didn't get away with being able to post their message from the city where we were in at the time. The one Canadian in Toronto who's comment is no longer here posted while we were in Los Angeles, as did the guy in Norway. I should also ask everyone that you put yourself in my place before commenting on the anger issues I had in the early years of my disability. I lost a successful contracting company that I built over 23 years to an uninsured drunk driver.

I have severe injuries that keep me from being able to work. If anyone says that wouldn't make them angry they are liars. After 12 years now I have adjusted to my life as a SSDI/SSI recipient, and I am now happy. Dana has since passed, Jodi and Ava didn't make service dog graduation, and I am now with a 16 m/o male Doberman who is Dana's namesake, Adan (notice the spelling of their names).

I still need a medical alert dog to keep me from blacking out, and Adan is also trained in deep pressure massage to relieve the pain and stiffness in my spine. We have left Chicago and are now living in San Diego. California certifies service dogs, so we no longer have access issues. I have my meds filled at CVS because it is the closest to our house.

They love Adan there as does everyone everywhere we go. It is nothing like Chicago, where we had one argument after another about allowing my dogs on buses, Ls, and in stores and other public places.

I will again reiterate the fact that I also don't appreciate the way a couple ppl here made such blatant comments about using their plain companion pets as service dogs. At least you couldn't get away with that here in California because you couldn't pass the certification without being disabled and having a dog who is obviously trained as a service dog.




I am shocked that "Angie" actually posted on a public forum, that she abuses the Persons With Disability Act, so she can bring her dogs into a store. Just who do you think you are?


Apparently, you are a complete ***, clearly lacking in morals, and I hope you get a healthy dose of Karma.

@Shaun-Walgreens clearly violated the Persons With Disability Act. Contact a representative and file a complaint.


It's people like Angie who "say" that their dogs are service dogs that are causing your problem. People like her who lie about their dogs being SD's cause employees to be suspicious of everyone.

Some type of documentation should be issued to owners so that there wont be any question of the animals being SD's.

It's sad that so many dishonest people make the world harder for the honest ones. "Thanks" Angie.


Hey I think it's BS that they did not allow you in with your service dog and loyal companion!! I've brought my dobie (I have 2, a black 3 yr old and a red 1 yr old) into many of stores and "said" they were service dogs as I know that if you have a service dog THEY ARE NOT SUPOSE TO DENY YOU ENTRY!

I'm sorry they gave you a hard time! I WONT BE GETTING MY SCRIPTS FILLED THERE ANYLONGER... I'll suck it up and go to eckerd's.

Take care! Angie(