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This Has been the store where I go for all my pharmaceutical needs. Also I prefer to do some of my shopping there.

But this one employee is consistently rude and non-helpful. There has been occasions that the store was quite busy and i was refused service by this employee and told to wait for another employee in cosmetics to ring me up and take my money.There is a CVS pharmacy a block away that will get me, my neighbors, and my family's business if the service does not improve drastically!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walgreens Cons: Tone of the workers.

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Clearly you're not patient when it comes too waiting. Sounds like all you're doing is trying too start something with the employees and managers.


So Sorry, your Majesty. Hope they do a better job next time fitting of your Royal Highness.


I love how you feel you have the authority to decide where your family and neighbors will shop. Perhaps she was unable to help you as fast as you would like because the store is busy just as you stated.

Do you expect her to drop everything she is currently doing (helping other customers perhaps?) to tend to your perceived needs? Perhaps you should pay at the main register up front rather than expect ONE PERSON to open the cosmetics register, which you likely were hoping to pay at so you could skip the line.

Stop being so self-centered and entitled. You may find that your behavior is directly related to the type of service you receive.


Sounds like she needs to be coached in customer service.


Agreed with you and what you said. Customers like this need too understand that just because an store and the employees and managers are busy, does not mean they are served within an few minutes. It makes me so mad and sad too see these customers play these stupid games and stupid prizes with employees and managers that are doing their jobs.