Rosedale, Maryland
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My insurance was getting ready to expire and we we're getting a new company. My husband and I tried to fill all our medications before the expiration date since we had a $0 co pay.

Walgreens didn't submit the payment for my husband's medication until 2 days after the insurance expired. Old insurance won't pay because we aren't covered anymore. New insurance won't pay because we haven't met our deductible. WE have to pay $1458.00 because the medication is necessary.

This is the SECOND time that Walgreens has been negligent with filing insurance claims for our prescriptions but it will be the last.

Go anywhere but Walgreens. You'll be much better off.

Monetary Loss: $1458.

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Do you have your reciet?Did you charge it?The date would be on the charge.If so you have more than enough to appeal with your old insurance fight for whats right.

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