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I am medically disabled and under a specialist's monthly care. I have used Walgreens Pharmacy in Alma, AR for several years.

Same Doctor, same Medicines, same date each month. My meds ran out today so I went to Alma Walgreens to drop off my scripts and was told by Pharmacist Tara that she would not fill my scripts. My scripts were valid, legal, and on time. I have been advised that since I am medically disabled, that I am protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act from discrimination by any business or person.

The Pharmacist also said that she would call my Doctor and have my dosages reduced then she would fill them. She said this and the name of my medicine loudly in front of other customers standing at the counter. I should not be denied my meds because of the type of medicine it is if my scripts are valid and not early. She treated me like a criminal for the type of medicine I am prescribed.

She also violated my HIPPA rights to privacy by announcing what medicine I am taking and saying that I am over the legal dosages. She was incorrect. I discussed the dosage limits with my Doctor at my appointment and he assured me that mine is perfectly legal. She is also violating the AMA laws by attempting to practice medicine without a license (Suggesting my dosage would have to be lowered) .

I am aware that the USA has a problem with medicine overdose and illegal drugs.

I am not doing anything illegal or abusing anything or overdosing on any drug.It is medically irresponsible to deny a patient a medicine that they have been getting there regularly. If this is not reasonably resolved quickly, I will be fi!ing complaints with the Agency for ADA, the AMA, and the Pharmacy Board as well as filing suit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Oh wait ... you’re MEDICALLY DISABLED!!!

(whatever that means) ... The pharmacist should have given you SPECIAL treatment and standard policies should not apply to you!


HIPPA violations only pertain to area where there is the assumed right of privacy. In a pharmacy there is no expectation of privacy.

There fore your complaint that they violated your rights is FALSE. IF your doctor started talking about your case with his employees that’s not a violation but if your doctor started telling anyone outside of their office your personal medical history then it would be a violation. YOU went into a PHARMACY which means ANYONE can hear what is said in a normal tone of voice.

I guess your more then physically disabled. Or youre just ignorant of how the HIPPA law works.


Hey Durpa-I'm going to state right off that I am not an attorney, not am I an expert in HIPPA laws. BUt I'm also pretty damn sure you aren't, either.You really shouldn't act as if you're an attorney and attempt to dissuade someone, through harassment and belittlement, from standing up for their rights.There is nothing in the HIPPA law about a "reasonable expectation of privacy".

HIPPA laws hinge upon whether information is "protected health information", or PHI. PHI is always supposed to be protected, no matter where you, the patient, or the healthcare provider happens to be located.PHI can be shared with others who are also authorized to obtain it, and who also have a reasonable need to do so in accordance with their official duties.This is the reason there are those signs at the pharmacy telling customers to "wait here for next pharmacist" - so as to avoid disclosing PHI due to unnecessary closeness of uninvolved customers."A patient cannot use a HIPAA violation as a direct cause of action in a privacy lawsuit. HIPAA creates a right to privacy, not a right to file suit.However, if a HIPAA violation occurs as a result of a breach of duty, negligence, or professional malpractice, then such cases can be brought under state laws" In addition, the STATE can fine the offender due to the breach of HIPPA responsibility.I would say most folks are somewhat ignorant of how the HIPPA laws operate.

You certainly fit in that category, so perhaps it would be best to either educate yourself, or refrain from running off at the mouth...P.S. Expectation of privacy clauses are most often used in Fourth Amendment cases (including illegal wiretapping)


You are incorrect as well as being *** of the earth.