I don't think ex-military should deal in customer service. They come off as too intense and rude.

I will not be back to the Walgreens in Kuna due to this individual. If it is Walgreen’s policy to have their employees intimidate customers, harass them and turn them away you have a winner in this person. I prefer warm friendly and service. Kuna is a great community with no room for a person of this nature.

I would warn everyone I know about him.

That sort of behavior is not appropriate and I don't know why this individual is the customer service industry.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #761479

You're ex-military and you were intimidated by Walgreen's personnel? :grin :roll :cry

Holland, Michigan, United States #700996

Wow. That excludes a lot of good people. You sure like to sterotype people.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #699119

Basically you are saying former military people shouldn't have jobs. Did it ever occur to you that maybe it is your actions.

Every former military person I have known addresses people as "sir" or "maam." I know a guy that was in Marines for 20 years and joined the same police department that my now "ex" was on, and this man even addressed my teenage daughters as "maam." They thought that was hilarious. You either have a real thin skin or else you did something to warrent the treatment that you allege you received.

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