Waunakee, Wisconsin

The only way to receive walgreens sales at the register is to give up your personal information and join the register rewards club. Anyone who has had their identity stolen is coached never to give out this information.

This information is never safe. Hackers can even get into government programs these days. There can be no guarentee that this information will not be hacked. To be denied sale prices because I will not give up this information has got to be discriminatory.

They are operating like a club and have denied special pricing to customers who do not join. Even grocery stores have a 'store' card for customers that do not have a card. How can Walgreens give special pricing to customers only who have signed up when they are open to the public?

I have a reason not to go to walgreens now, because I won't participate in their progam. I hope this goes viral because people just don't realize how unsafe their information is.

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A Walgreen's employee stated earlier that the only thing that is checked is the zip code & all other info. can be bogus.

Who knows if that applies at all the stores. My cool, calm, laid back husband threw his purchases down on the counter, screaming, & walked out the door when they couldn't find our zip code where we have lived for 40 years. Another time, their famous use-next-time coupon was not available because "the coupon machine is broken".

I could go on & on. They have so much small fineprint on their ads & in the store that you need a lawyer with you to see if you qualify to get the merchandise at the price shown, kinda like Sears is now in their ads, & look how well they're doing now.


It basically only requires information that I could gather by googling your name. They're not asking for your ssn :P


To funny so you must not shop anywhere because evey company has some kind of card n the information they adk you is public


Lady, did you really need a reason not to go to walgreens? Sounds like you were looking for one.

Just dont go. I dont complain about these companies, I just dont spend my money in places that I dislike. If you need the item then it shouldnt matter if it is on sale or not.

Once we let go of our hangups, life gets easier. Complaining about the sale price, smh....what were you saving $0.20


The info needed for any companies rewards program is on the public domain...meaning if an identity thief wanted to get your name address and phone number they can do it easier than hacking walgreens' database.

BTW whats the difference with using a store card and making up a fake one? Did it ever cross your mind to just fill out the form with fake information on it.


According to the Walgreens ads that I receive it is only certain items that have special prices for card holders. Those items are marked in the ad. I agree about not giving out the information required for these cards.