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Re:4445 US Highway 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33809

STAY AWAY if you are DISABLED!!!!! I called to check on the status of a refill that I had submitted a few days ago.

I spoke to Vesai Sal, a Pharmacy floater. That is the name I was given.

I explained to her that I have epilepsy. You would think someone working in the pharmacy would be trained regarding disabilities. Many epileptics, like me, cannot drive.

After 3 minutes, she told me that she WOULD NOT WASTE anymore time on the phone with me and DEMANDED that I go in to talk to someone. Hello???...... I CANNOT DRIVE. This is not something to DEMAND of a DISABLED person because you JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING YOUR JOB!!!!!

She spent 3 minutes talking to me, most of which was hard to understand through her very thick accent.

The rest of the time was me being placed on hold. I told her I was never called about the refill that was requested or about any issue with it. She stated there was a mistake on my prescription and my insurance would not pay. I asked if I could pay and if I could set everything up with her because I need my medication today (the whole reason I submitted my refill request early).

This is the point where she tells me that she CANNOT WASTE anymore time on the phone with me. As she was trying to hang up the phone on me, I stopped her and told her that I needed my medication desperately. This is not something you do to a DISABLED person who CANNOT drive and is out of the only medication keeping you from seizing.

NEVER doing business here again.

I called a different pharmacy and the pharmacist there explained to me that it is an easy fix and would not require me to drive anywhere.

They would take care of everything for me UNLIKE Walgreens.

Apparently, Walgreens has been sued many times for discrimination. If I had known this I would not have taken my prescriptions there.

They need to better train their pharmacy staff.


Preferred solution: Train employees on speaking with a disabled person on the phone. A disabled person may not be able to drive to the store to speak with someone in person. The phone is what is used in this case. .

Walgreens Cons: Pharmacy service, Lack of care for patient or customer, Lack of customer service, Rude just a lack of concern, Discrimination against disabilities.

Location: 4445 US Highway 98 North, Lakeland, FL 33809

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Lots of words from a ho g who can’t handle her refills! You are disgusting!

Personal responsibility loser! You probably have no family or friends to help a POS like you.


Still waiting Brenda?? No comment???


We still haven’t heard back from you? Does your phone dial out and did you call your doctor?

When you see him in January and then in six months , does he give you enough refills? That is YOUR responsibility!!!


What disability? Does your phone not dial out? You had no refills , call your own doctor.


Why did you need a new refill? Is your doctor not providing enough refills through your next appointment?

Also, your bottle said no refill for a month. You need to be more responsible and contact your own doctor ahead of time.


You can tell the the OP is a loser. Why can’t you call your own doctor?