Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Me and my boyfriend have been discriminated against by our local Walgreens employees and management because we shop with coupons. They have made multiple racist comments about us and treat us as if we are outcasts everytime we were ready to pay.

One supervisor did not like us personally for some reason and made sure to make every shopping experience uncomfortable. They would make their youngest employee check us out at the photo department and would make us feel as if we were a huge inconvenience. I finally got the courage to say something and told the cashiers that they are hires to help us customers and check us out when we are ready to pay and if they didn't like their jobs to find another one. The supervisor along with the two cashiers I told that too made up a lie saying that I told the supervisor that my sister was going to beat her *** after work which is a total lie.

The next day we go to shop and are approached by another supervisor informing us that we are no longer allowed there and have a criminal trespass on the property as if we broke the law or something. Was embarrassing because there was other customers around. Called store manager and was laughed at by him saying he had more important things to handle before talking to the employees involved. After I told him that this was not a laughing matter he became rude and told me to give him a couple days and to call him back.

He ended the call by saying a customer overheard me saying that and that he knew the customer personally. I called back a couple days later and was told by him that the criminal trespass stays as is and we cannot go back to that store ever again. This could be defamation of character and discrimination I would think. We've made them thousands of dollars within the past two years and had dealt with being treated unfairly every single time.

I used shopping there as a stress and anxiety reliever and now my stress and anxiety levels have risen dramatically because of how dependent I was on that. I've tried contacting corporate and have made several reports but have not received a phone call back or heard from anyone so im guessing because I am just one person and don't matter or make a difference to them one bit.

It's sad and very hurtful what they did and when I think about it I just want to break down. Find it hard to believe that a company would take such action without proof of what their employees are claiming and to not give me the explain my side of the story tells me that this decision was made or planned out by the employees and managers involved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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