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Walgreens Pharmacist: Discrimination behind the Counter

I have a sever sleep deserter that falls under a type of Narcolepsy so I am given Armodafinil that helps me be a positive functioning member of society instead of someone who is on Assistance due to illness.

Yes this is a Narcotic but a C4 class and it’s not used for pain. Well I have the Wal-Greens App on my phone were it tells me when my meds are due to fill and so it asked and I said yes please fill 1/27/19. Well later that day I see a Delay on my prescription and call to see what is going on and this is a 24 hour location and as soon as I speak to a Pharmacist she quickly changed her tone and raised it and tells me that she will not fill it till 1/10/19 so call then and we will see about filling it. So I ask her to please make sure that and right there she yells at me and said this is a Narcotic and you cannot fill it till 1/10/19 and add after 8:00am now and hangs up on me. All I wanted to say is to please make sure it would be ready for pick up at that time because I was leaving town on 1/10/19 and did not want to delay over picking up meds. What happen to customer service and I have been getting this for years.

So If you are filling a controlled substance at Wal-Greens Pharmacy you are automatically a drug attic despite what it is and what its for. So being injured or being ill mentally or physically ill they don’t care you are a loser drug abusing *** of our society and they look at you as if you were covered in *** to Walgreens Pharmacy ( Discrimination 1.the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex or Illness )

This needs to stop before it goes to court or YouTube.

Walgreens in Pearland Texas 24 Hours Location She works Am shift called 10:57am

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Similar experience in Florida. Also not for a pain narcotic


What is a sleep deserter? You do realize that once you mention court, Walgreens or Any other company Will Not directly deal with you... correct?