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I was told today by a Walgreen's Pharmacist that I didn't fit her criteria, to have my prescription filled. Walgreen's has been filling my prescriptions for almost 8 years.

But, this pharmacist said that was Not long enough. I felt so bad I could not face the person who drove me there. I started crying and nearly walked right into the busy intersection. I have never felt so unimportant, by another person in my entire life.

How can a person say to a customers face "I don't like you, so I don't have to fill your script!"and get away with that? What is going on with our pharmacies?

Is this legal? Walgreen's should be ashamed of themselves.

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This happened to me, too. Here’s the kicker...

I was a Walgreens pharmacist for 17 years. I was fired in September. Classic age discrimination which is pretty common in our profession.

The pharmacist who refused my rx’s was my own pharmacy manager who had been filling my rx’s for years. Pathetic.


I had a similar incident With the Walgreen a pharmacist . I have never been so humiliated in my life.

I was forced to suffer with excruciating pain Just because I was an African American.

I am planning on filing a lawsuit I am not going to take this kind of treatment in a nonchalant way sitting down. Also having a Boycott to demonstrate disdainful condition


Hey John-

I'm pretty sure this condition has somewhat lessened in the last few years due to a lot of the pain med abusers switching over to straight up heroin over the last couple of years, due to problems with getting prescription drugs and pain meds. I guess heroin is cheaper, too - one of the unintended consequences of the crackdown on prescription drugs.

The recent (2017) switch to electronic script submittal for class II and III scripts has seemed to calm things down as well.

And I can also see why they don't publish their policies - they don't want people customizing their requests to perform an end around the rules.

The one policy I have a problem with is their demand to get a diagnosis in writing from the prescribing physician. They are not qualified to make a determination on the diagnosis, not being medical doctors. Walgreens is the only one I know of currently doing this.

I am a long term chronic pain sufferer - and will probably be on meds until I die. It just frosted my cake sometimes when it seemed like they were going out of their way to be problematic and recalcitrant.

Things seem to be better nowadays, but we have all heard on the news about the "prescription opioid epidemic". Just like mass media to be reporting on the epidemic long after the horse has left the barn. The real problem today? That cheap, high grade heroin all the real druggies switched to, unless they just said "Screw it, I'm going to get some Fentanyl", although unless their getting it from a dealer I can't understand how they could get around the electronic submittal requirements.

Maybe that needs to be investigated and corrected.

Bottom line - real pain patients don't like these people either, but the "prescribing community" needs to be reminded sometimes that not ALL the folks getting pain meds are addicts, they are not ALL pretending, and the real pain patients need these meds just as much as everyone else needs their medications for diseases that don't carry this stigma. BTW, the next class of patients who are going to take it in the shorts? I'm predicting it'll be antibiotic meds users - all the literature predicts a real crisis in this class of drugs - can you imagine being arrested for taking bootleg amoxicillin?

Thank god I don't *** anymore LOL "Man, I just gots to have my Keflex!! Chlamydia is no joking matter!!"


I believe that they should be required to post rules and regulations. Their are clear concise legal guidelines that are being broken in our country.

I don't care what kind of pressure they are under. If they carry prescriptions that are narcotic then they do so for the sole purpose to dispense legally. I suppose them having to legally dispense such medications is some what a painful procedure to their egos. If due diligence is done correctly by the ones who possess the licence to dispense it then does that STILL make criminals of the ones who receive it?

Bottom line, go to a private pharmacy.

Introduce yourself to the pharmacist and state what you take. If they want your buisness and they are doing their job right you should be able to avoid Walgreens altogether.


Pharmacy discrimination is a REAL thing! Pharmacists have taken it upon themselves to say: "Sit in the back of the bus Rosa Parks" as they actively decide who gets a LEGALLY prescribed prescription.

It is based upon those that abuse drugs and cause legal issues for the pharmacy that dispenses the meds....but what about those who are refused the medications based on those that abuse meds? They are the ones who suffer!!


Exactly, first she says "ok, yes it's due. We can have it ready tomorrow.

Then she's says " oh no" you argued n cused at me 3 weeks ago. Even though they filled something else a week ago!! That is discrimination!!!

I'm always nice to me people untill you lie to my face!!! And as I look at other peoples comments, it's not uncommon with Walgreens pharmacists!!


You said ""I don't like you, so I don't have to fill your script!" was the persons reason for not filling your prescription. I do not believe you, you are leaving out what really happened. There are many reasons that a pharmacist cannot fill a prescription and I'm sure you know which one it was.

Let's tell the truth here.


You are Obviously a Walgreens pharmacist or employee of them or a other pharmacy ,re: Ransoms comment. Be a useful I've had an ongoing issue with being mistreated and discriminated against cuz I'm on pain meds (from board certified pain doc.) by one particular pharmacist and just got proof of his discrimination and I am in the process of filing a Civil lawsuit and a complaint to the licensing board. Not tolerating the "Anyone on pain meds is a junkie and us pharmacists are god" attitude any longer.

@Fed Up

Just had a similar problem what attorney are you using johnsonjasmine786@gmail.com


I just love how some people assume Walgreens is in the right for refusing to fill pain medications. The problem is Walgreens practices serious discrimination when refusing to fill these meds.

I have Muscular Dystrophy, 3 years ago my neurologist put me on a pain management regime to keep me out of a wheelchair. I take very low doses of these meds and they are actually recommend by the MDA. I do not take oxycodone or any of the other widely abused meds.

I recently moved to an island area right across the bridge from a predominately black/minority area. We share the same zip code. Last month I was told by a Walgreens Pharmacist that she couldn't fill my prescription because I live in a low class area. When I called to complain to her manager u was told the same thing. I was able to fill my prescriptions at a Walgreens 30 minutes away with no questions asked. The pharmacist at the Walgreens could not understand why the refused to fill my prescription, as my Neuro is well respected and my dose/quantities are so low. She advised me that Medicare considers my 30 day RX to be a 7 day supply.

When I repeatedly called and complained I was told the same thing over and over, " "we can't fill your prescription because you live in a low class neighborhood". I am paying $1400 a month to live on the ocean, far from low class but even if I did live across the bridge in the "poorer" neighborhood; does that give my local Walgreeens the right to deny me my meds? And why am I able to fill it at other Walgreen stores in my area?

I will continue to complain until Walgreens stops these discriminatory practices.

@Just Me

I don't care how you slice it, if I bring a script in and a pharmacy allows a pharmacist to not fill it based on nothing more than ""they don't feel comfortable"" and the script is from a legitimate dr. and not early or over quantified for a 30 day supply than the only other reason is you the customer standing in front of them and THAT IS DISCRIMINATION!

I don't care what you people who think its ok say IT IS DISCRIMINATION if the next guy in line with the same amount/quantity/type and time frame since last fill can get thiers filled!

If everything with the script is ok and they are in stock than the decision was based on the persons age,sex,race or how they look and that's DISCRIMINATION! If you say all sripts of certain drugs are just druggies needing a fix, you have stereotyped abd that's DISCRIMINATION!


Well said... The fact is that Walgreens is in a lot of trouble for their practices of over dispensing and many other charges, that they can barley dispense oxycodone without major scrutiny!...

The DEA has even revoked their permits to dispense this medication. Long story short, they are in trouble and they are taking their anger out on their customers, who they blame for all their problems...

It's not fair but this is what is happening... If you don't want to be treated like a criminal or be subjected to descrimination, go somewhere else!..

@just ***cerned

But their dispensing practices go from one extreme to the other! How can you go from distributing over 300,000 oxycodone pills to 2 stores within a 5 month period to questioning everyone who walks in the door?? Where is the common sense in this? They are suddenly treating loyal customers like total ***. Just yesterday I overheard an older lady in a wheelchair pleading and begging for her prescriptions because she could not get to another location and had been getting this filled for over 10 years. They told her it was the "AREA".

One pharmacist told me that she could lose her job if she filled my prescription. Now what do you think will happen when the Florida Board of Pharmacy investigates my complaint of being told she could not fill my prescription because I live in a low class neighborhood?

Perhaps a class action suit will wake them up. No company deserves to be that ***! They have thrown common sense out the window.


I just went through the same problem, TURNED in Rx was told they had to discuss with Pain manegment Dr, so would be 24 to 72 hrs. Explained when I dropped Rx off it wasn't due till Nov 1st, so come to find out after harrasing Dr and telling lawyer this was the only place I would be refilling RX, I finally went in to find out what was going on.


NOW I have to go back to Dr and send Rx to express scripts and CALL lawyer to let them know I will not be able to get Rx filled there. 5 back surgeries and arthritis

@Just Me

Hello . I am a pharmacy technician in Philadelphia.

I can understand completely about you situations and I can believe you. I work at an independent pharmacy and they discriminate all the time. You may want to contact the state board of pharmacy and request them to do an investigation.

From my 10 plus years of experience in the field, it is illegal for any pharmacy to deny you for those reasons.

Peace and Love.


Thank You!!!

@Just Me

You need to stand up for yourself and all of us who suffer with chronic pain by filing a "Discrimination complaint with your local state office, every state has one, and it can be done by mail, further you caneed file a formal complain that with the Board of Pharmacy Registration, as this pharmacist and or the pharmacies policy is blatant textbook discrimination.!, I am dealing with similar I large issue.


Call 1-800-WALGREENS - 1-800-925-4733 and report the incident. If you have a legitimate prescription and a pharmacy refuses to fill the prescription for whatever reason, they are depriving you of your medical needs. Sounds like Walgreens is hiring ignorant inbred hags like LadyScot.


I love that in the product/service section above the poster actually put "Oxycodone"...enough said...let me guess 30mg 120-150 count.


No it was actually 15mg 90 count, the lady seen nothing wrong, she was just being a ***, and wanted to make sure she had plenty for her own habit... Fact...