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I was told today by a Walgreen's Pharmacist that I didn't fit her criteria, to have my prescription filled. Walgreen's has been filling my prescriptions for almost 8 years.

But, this pharmacist said that was Not long enough. I felt so bad I could not face the person who drove me there. I started crying and nearly walked right into the busy intersection. I have never felt so unimportant, by another person in my entire life.

How can a person say to a customers face "I don't like you, so I don't have to fill your script!"and get away with that? What is going on with our pharmacies?

Is this legal? Walgreen's should be ashamed of themselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Too funny...it's weird how druggies think everyone's a druggie.



(If you didn't notice, this one's for you LadyScot)!


Wazzamattr LadyScot - Afraid to identify yourself anymore?

psst don't worry, we didn't know it was you.


I would be willing to bet she didn't say she didn't like you. Something else was more than likely said, and you misinterpreted whatever was said.

So the pharmacist refused to serve you, it wasn't anything to cry about and almost get hit by a vehicle.


No,of course she didn't say she didn't like me... You some how missed the point.

She did however say I didn't meet her "criteria"! Then refused me service. I have never been told I wasn't good enough for service anywhere, so yes I did bother me a lot. Even more so, she would not say why.

Like I said this was a first for me ever!! It was painful...


May I ask...by any chance, was the prescription you were trying to fill a control substance? I know the answer already.


Hi Guy-

Implying what, exactly? Is it your opinion that people who take controlled substances aren't suffering persecution at the hands of a pharmacist? Anywhere? Ever? Or are you implying that it's so common that you knew what she was prescribed just by her description of her treatment? Or perhaps you've just been reading this message board and found all the descriptions of this sort of treatment by Walgreens pharmacies in the recent past...

We're all waiting to find out...



Anybody can see that the product/service that this person is complaining about at the top of the post is "oxycodone"..... which was a real shocker after reading the story.....especially in Florida these days.


Hi LadyScot!

We were worried about you! And look, you learned how to use your computer, and log in as Anonymous! How nice for you - you should call Mom and tell her!

And what amazing vision you have lately - to be able to "see" that the OP was talking about Oxycodone - and through the Internet, no less! Really, call her right now and tell her how good you're doing at your job!

Cause "everyone" knows all the people in Florida are high on Oxy these days - right LadyScot? Oh wait, I forgot where you are located - maybe we'll skip that on the call to Mom.

Or maybe not - cause let's remember who gave out all those pills in Florida. And who got their weenie's whacked because of it. And who has now decided either those *** pain med patients need to be taught a lesson, or that we just don't need their kind here in our store...

Yes, the winner is - WALGREENS

P.S. Every time you "medical professionals" post here and use personal attacks, and accusations, and talk about how you "know" everyone's a drug seeker - EVERY TIME - you lose. You lose credibility that you're a professional. You lose credibility that you're interested in helping people with their medical conditions. You lose...


IT IS something to cry about when you are a chronic pain sufferer who lives with debilitating pain every minute of every day! This is happening a lot in different areas every day-I know because something similar happened to me also at a different pharmacy.

I am a decent law-abiding tax-paying citizen who sure didn't ask for or want to have a back that is an unholy mess that causes me to live with pain even WITH medication!

Chronic pain patients like myself have enough *** to deal with just trying to have some kind of life-we don't need more *** from some judgemental *** like that pharmacist. :(


I went to Walgreens last month and the pharmacist asked me what is wrong with you , I told her most likely cancer so she took my script and called me later and said she would not fill my script only to get my hopes up , now that i really think about it . I do not think she was going to fill them , like so sick game , the depression really set in , I am trying to figure what cancer tests or I might have cancer and have to worry about this bs , why would someone do that to someone else ,I went today only to find I am black listed , the same pharmacist , I told her about the red bone marrow and may be cancer and back and neck problems and see if she would take me off the list . only to have her roll her eyes I had the family with me and they said she does not like you, yep I do not meet criteria / no compassion she looked like she was board with me and I was wasting her time , it is not my fault is this a family pharmacy

@grunt red 096

I am a chronic pain patient and no, I dont take oxycodone. I have had problems with walgreens in the past so i dont even bother with them.

grunt red 096, After reading your post, I am not suprised she would not help you.

What do you mean "most likely cancer"? Why did the doc give you the script if you dont even know whats wrong with you? Also, you obviously dont know how to write... your sentences "run on" and make little sense.

Either you are doped up junkie or you are a retard... probably both.

You are the reason legit patients have trouble at the pharmacy!

@grunt red 096

boo hoo . i have my own chronic ***, now bone marrow *** , the pharmacist *** ,now your *** .

. do you have? your own corner pill pusher, look at the way you act , you are no better.

i think you are a hypocrite, or someone not hurt , at all , i do not care if i can not write a sentence , no man or women will judge me . and if you are hurt boo hoo do not cry too much because it seems no one cares , you are trying to sell your self being hurt , I think your a fake ANONYMOUS some one not hurt just trying to keep a site going and feeding off the handicapped , people hurt , on a topic , you are no better .all of us really hurt are looking for help and i do not think this site is it ,it is just a road block do not waist your time ,