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My husband and I were discriminated by a Walgreens Supervisor by the name of Danielle Palooso or Danielle Flopal (Not sure of last name) at the Walgreens location at 37th Street and 35th Avenue in Evans, CO at around 9:30 PM Mountain time on Sunday, June 25, 2017. We were using two photo kiosks to print around 1000 4x 6 photos for our photography business.

We came in around 8:30 PM and had gotten through 123 photos on one kiosk and 100 on the other kiosk. We were told to submit our order and get off. I submitted the order and left after telling this supervisor I would file many complaints to get her fired. She laughed and continued her discriminating tactics.

The kiosks at walgreens are first come, first served. No signs indicating time limits or any other terms. This is outright discriminatuon. The manager named Jim has done nothing.

C onsumers, wake up....


Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: No customer service, Need training in customer relationship, Company policy, Manager.

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Discrimination? Really...get a life.

What time did the store close? Most close at 10pm.

You were hogging 2 kiosks, which most store only have 2, for how long?, for your business? How selfish and inconsiderate you both should of been throw out alot sooner than you were.


convenient how you left out their closing is this discrimination you're saying anytime(if) you come across bad cust serv its discrimination?????????????????????

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