Pharmacist now having a power trip to play god or doctor over your life given the ability to see who suffers with severe pain and not caring who it is because its in florida, if you have a totaly legitamite pres. By seeing and knowing your history and basicaly making there own rules as they see fit.

I was never so humiliated by the treatment I was given. I just became disabled having medicade for the first time I needed a place that would take my ins.needless to say I was stuck all I know is I am a firm believer that the pharmacist who has chose to do what he does just because he can will one day see how karma works.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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the tags for this are hilarious.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #647673

Call the 1-800 number let them know they are losing business and why. Find a local pharmacy instead of chain like walgreens, cvs and walmart.

My pharmacy is in our local grocery store and they are wonderful. I have never had a problem with refilling my pain medication or any prescription. I was there the other day and a woman was bringing in her prescription and telling the pharmacist that walgreens would not fill the prescription but they had filled it before. She said it was the second time they had done that to her.

I heard the pharmacist say that they have been getting a lot of customers coming to them because of problems with walgreens. The pharmacist went on to say that there is not a day that goes by that customers from either walgreens or cvs come in with their prescriptions that they were unable to get filled at their regular pharmacy.

The pharmacist said a customer had a child that was prescribed amoxicillin and walgreens would not fill the prescription the pharmacist said the prescriptions were anything from diabetic medication, pain medication and antibiotics. What good is a pharmacy if they refuse to fill a doctor prescribed medication.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #647663

Just what the heck is your major problem?

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