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I quit going to Walgreens a couple of years ago but when my regular pharmacy was out of one of my meds I decided to take my script there as it is across the street. I have suffered from chronic back pain for 16 years.

Walgreens filled my prescriptions for ooxycontin and oxycodone for years. A year ago my doctor who is double board certify finally convinced me to try methadone which turned out to be the best thing I have ever done in managing the pain. There is one side effect and that is it makes me sleepy. I was having a hard time staying awake at work.

My doctor wrote me a script for something I can't remember.

It was a new drug and expensive my insurance wouldn't pay for it. So he wrote for Ritalin Walgreens told me it was illegal for him to write a script for Ritalin because it wasn't a pain Med and wouldn't fill it

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If you can't stay awake then you are way overmedicated!


that is true. sorry.

your pain md can not right for an adhd drug. that is the law.


A comment from an advanced practice nurse: This is the kind of thing we have to deal with when non-medical people implement policies that hamstring doctors, nurses and pharmacists. In some states, they give the pharmacists too much leeway, allowing them to substitute drugs and to strong arm doctors to change scripts because it makes their jobs easier.

Pharmacists should know better!

Not all drugs in the same class are created equal and not all routes of administration are equally effective! There are some horror stories out there about pharmacists urging doctors to change a drug just so they can fill what they have on hand.