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Today oct 29th,I visited a Walgreens at the corner of rt#98n & Marcum road in Lakeland Fl.I picked up several items.We picked up some toe naiil clippers.My wife said they are marked $4 dollars And some change.I paid on a credit card and left and I thought the amount was high.Later I said to my wife,did you know the clippers bwere $21.00.They are going back.that worked fine.When I got home I noticed zeequill was $17.99.The sign said 12.99.When I went back,the clerk said that is with a rewards card.The print was so small I had to put on my glasses.I said if i have to join to get tthat price,then credit my account.I am 77 yrs old.I plan not to go in that store again.Marvinpage 1maggic77@gmail.com

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Every body has some kind of rewards program.If I were to spend a lot of money at that store,maybe I would get a reward card ,but I don`t.the only reward card I use is from Staples because I spend $2 to 3 thousand dollars a year.I oly need my glasses to read.


You ppl kill me the print is not smalll and there signs all over the store yes the cashier should have informed you but really never going bwck again thats fine enjoy cvs


Walgreen's do have special prices on some items if you use the reward card. I am 72 and at your age you should be wearing your glasses any time you shop. In the Walgreen's ads, the special priced items have a certain little sign by them and I bet the price signs in the stores have that sign on them too.