Weston, Florida
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Went to fill my prescriptions and the pharmacy tech was rude and disrespectful he couldn't be bother with what I had the say said he been working there for years and really couldn't of been older then 24. I had an insurance card and a discount card but he argued with me about the discount card then out of spite he said I will just use you discount card and forget the insurance card. I took my scripts and left I will go somewhere else that will listen to me and treat me like a human being. I don't have time for that. As we all know sometimes insurance will not cover certain meds so if you have a discount card you will save a few bucks. Last time I saved $20 off a med that was not covered.

When I went to the front to ask for the customer service number no on the store knew it and gave me the 1800 number off some guys receipt which held him up by the way he eventually just walked out without it.

The placed was recently remodeled which now look like Macy cosmetic department

I will never be returning as they need some remodeling done with there employees

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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The way discount cards work you can either use the discount card or your insurance. Not both.

So you got pissed at am employee because you couldn't be bothered to figure out how a discount card works. :roll

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