Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I bought some prescription medication from Walgreens store on Roselle and Wise Rd in Schaumburg, IL for $15.99 for generic medication. I went out of the store,while driving I called Walmart from my cell phone and asked how much would it be for generic medication (and gave them the exact name of the medicine), at Walmart it was $4.

So I go to a different Walgreens store (on Barrington and Irving Park Rd in Hanover Park, IL) as it was on my way home and tell the Pharmacy department that Walmart has the same medication for $4, the clerk behind the counter was getting ready to refund me the money. As she was getting ready, she looked up my name in her system and couldn't find it so I told her that I picked up the prescription from the Schaumburg store. That's when she said I would need to go to that store to get the refund. So I drove back to the Schaumburg store and told them about the situation.

The manager blatantly denied giving me the price match. So I asked for a full refund so I can just go buy it at Walmart, the manager said I was stuck with it. They can't give me a price match nor can they give me a refund. So I asked the manager why was the clerk at Hanover Park ready to give me the refund?

The Store Manager - Brian and Pharmacy Manager - Ron both didn't show any interest in helping and basically said I am screwed and they can't help me. I HATE WALGREENS.

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So because you didn't do your price matching before you picked up the medication it's Walgreens fault? Would you want medication that someone brought back to be reused and given to you?

There is a reason that there is a sign that says medications cannot be returned by state law. Maybe taking responsibilities for your own actions would help show your kids, if you have any, the right way to conduct business and be a decent and responsible person!


I bought 3 generic pills on a 30 day supply with a Walcard on file and was charged $45. No more Walgreens,, CVS, Kroger and Walmart all want my business.


before you purchase a medication, check the price first. legally, once a medication has left a pharmacy, it cannot be returned. if you buy a medication at walmart and left with it, they wouldn't be able to refund your money and take it back either.


Once you leave pharmacy it is yours. Against law to return. And further more Walmart has had $4 generics for years.