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Here's a company who supposedly claims and prides themselves on having a warehouse full of developmental disabled workers. That enhances their image and they look like they care.

After all they are America's number one pharmaceutical retailer. But if you are receiving SS because you are disabled and somewhat able bodied to do it. One does his or hers best. After, all there are the able bodied ones out there, who collect and scam their way through life.

All you want to supplement your income, because you lost 2/3 of your income that you earned before you were disabled. If your disability is invisible and being controlled by medication, such as mental illness don't disclose it to any employee, manager, team leads and unfortunately their pharmacists. Ones that should know better. You will be bullied, teased and you will be made fun of.

This is all against the law...if not labor law. Or, if you have two disabilities as I do. And, the other is MS and you work the front cash register at your home store, plus other locations when they'd be shorthanded. And you've done it for 7 years and never asked for a chair or any other accommodations, except a timely break or a lunch.

You won't get one. I've even had managers ask me why would I need a break. I am a 56 year old man, who had a career at one employer for 27 years. That was a union job.

This *** wouldn't happen there. But, all the while, your fellow employees are hiding out in the break room, the stock room, the freezer texting their friends. The managers at times, depending on their ages, were no better. Most of the kids, refused to work at the front cash register and would avoid it at any cost.

They know that it's the hardest job in the store. This is no exaggeration. There are times that I was, the only one the floor. Customers would notice it.

One night before Christmas Eve, I waited an hour past my scheduled lunch break. I wasn't happy and stressed to say the least. The other employees in the store were free to take their lunch breaks whenever they wanted. The ADA states that if you have a disability then you still have to be able to do the job with little or no accommodation.

The able bodied employees weren't always doing theirs. I complained to HR about my expectations and the unfairness of the treatment. My hours were cut without explanation.

That's what happens when you are disabled and you are trying to be somewhat productive. Walgreens and the rest of Corporate America lies and the EEOC doesn't care about you either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I worked for this company for many years. I agree with what you're saying--only, I would add that "no one should work at Walgreens, period, even if they don't have a disability".

The final year, that I worked for the company, I was bullied and harassed almost daily. After several months of this, I filed a formal harassment complaint ("with" the company).

Months passed, and the harassment--from my store manager--continued; yet, no one at the company ever did get back to me about my complaint.

I, finally, had too much; and, simply, quit. To make a long story short, I'll just add that I know multiple labor laws were violated, by Walgreens, in Knoxville, Tn, where I once worked.

NO ONE should ever work for Walgreens, just like NO ONE should ever spend a dime at any of its stores.