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Went to Walgreens to get a prescription that had to be OK'ed by my insurance carrier, got the ok and went to pick it up. The prescriptions was for 30 pills, that only had 5 on hand.

I asked the tech if they were going to let me have the rest of the prescription for free since I had already paid for the 5 and she said NO. This means that I have to pay $60.00 for the full prescription.

This is a ongoing saga and will keep this post updated. No way are they going to double charge me or my insurance carrier twice for the same prescription!

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Yes, that's why I don't use Walgreens anymore. They also collect twice on the copay...once from me and once from the Medicare Supplement provider...even though I explained to them that they would receive the copay from the provider.


Why would you get the rest for free when you only paid for 5? You pay for 5, and when the rest comes in, you get the rest and pay for the rest.


Contact your insurance carrier to find out if they paid for the 5 pills that you paid for also you should also check into other pharmacies some within grocery stores they are always helpful and will give you a few pills until they are stocked with the full prescription. But be sure and check with your insurance company and let them know the situation. I would trust them more than any pharmacy.


Insurances can and will only pay for what is actually dispensed. If 5 were dispensed, then only 5 would have been paid for. Anything other than that constitutes insurance fraud by the pharmacy and carrier.


Seems to make sense that your copayment is $60. When a rx is partialed the ins co decides how much u pay.

If they had the full amount u would have paid $60 all at once. Ur not getting double charged.