Carleton, Michigan
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Why is it that I can walk into the local Walgreens, plan to buy other items, drop of a script, and wait almost 45 minutes, when they state, 15-20 minutes... The answer is this; if you drive your car up to the drive up pharmacy window, you get quick, immediate assistance, AND your script filled right then and there.

This has happened often. My script is even ready, and I wait while the one tech, fills cough syrup bottles for a drive up customer.. I am done with Walgreens. Poor customer service.

Others waiting, are pissed off as well!

See ya Walgreens!!! Monroe, MI.

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okay one possible scenerio is that the person droped off thier rx the day before and we were out of stock and had to order it and the order had just been recieved therefore we had to fill it last minute or the person in drive through dropped thier script off hours before you and maybe they hadnt updated thier insurance information the insurance then creats an exception saying coverage expired blocking it from being filled because it goes unresolved untill the patient shows up with the information you need. our techs have gotten good at clearing the exceptions so that they are ready for the cash price and all we have to do is process it through insurance.

and in most cases if we are busy ill ask the patient to either come inside while i process the information and i will put thier RX behind the waiter if it is printed to be filled or fill it by my self while assisting the next person in drive through using the phone at the filling terminal while filling. our job is all about multi tasking. but sometimes that customer refuses to come in or pull behind the person next in line therefore we are forced to do it right then in order to assist the next person. also due to shortage of staff there are some cases in which there is one tech running the front and one tech filling there may be 3 waiters ahead of you the person up front is responsible for processing the RX before it can be filled while helping ppl picking up, drive through, and answering phones!

im typically honest about wait times if i told the first person with 5 scripts 15 mins i will say 15-20 for the next two and inform them there is a waiter ahead or two or three. but id rather say 30 mins and be honest then to say 10 and be 20mins over that.

keep in mind your not the only customer we have faxed rxs constant insurance updates, and issues some of which take up to 30 minutes to resolve and others a few seconds. also drug refills or other RXs put in earlier that day have to be done in time and the printer prints everything in time order those prescriptions are filled in time order and typed in time orders waitors are first but if there are 3 waiters 5 scripts 3 scripts and you bring in 1 script the first two waiters will come first and have to be typed and filled before yours even though yours may be simpler.


The Walgreens I use has a drive up. I haven't used it, I go inside.

I have never had to wait over 15 minutes. Just saying.....


I work in their pharmacy. We constantly got people *** and moaning about long waits.

(And rightfully so) Walgreen's solution to that? Lie to the customer! Now it's mandatory to tell people it's a 15 minute wait, even if you know it will be an hour.

Sorry. Hate to lie but I need a job and that's what managemnet demands now.


Typical customer. Complain, complain, complain without even knowing whats going on.

We're filling prescriptions which can KILL someone if done wrong. It's not a cheeseburger where we "might forget the pickles." Stop expecting everything now, now, now. The drive-thru window for a pharmacy was a BAD idea.

It was initially for people too sick or unable to walk into the store. Now people think it's a *** fast food thrive-thru.


Have you ever stopped to think about all the other people who have dropped of their prescriptions before you so those have to get filled as well. On top of all that the employees have to take in doctor calls in, answer phone calls, resolve insurance problems and many other things that walgreens requires them to do throughout the day. When the tech was filling something for the drive thru it's because it should have already been done but something happened and so they had to do it right then, things happen, I don't get why people are not patient, I'm so patient and nice I just don't get why people let the little things bother them, someone help me out, I just don't get it.


Understaffed and expected to do more and more. Let's see flu shots, fill prescriptions, take blood pressures, enter prescriptions, deal with pissed off customers or customers who have had a bad day and are looking to take it out on someone.

Not to mention customer's insurance problems, customers not remembering about the deductible and raising cain for 20 to 30 minutes. I could go on but I won't!


No need to adequately staff a chain pharmacy anymore. You have insurance and you will come back next time too regardless of the wait time.They know that.

All the customers complain about no help but then they all come back, been doing it for years.

Have you noticed it a miracle if you get a pharmacist now who has a god grasp on English? How do they get a license?


Sounds like a poor staffing problem to me. Why is it that upper managements at these companies do not understand that if they truly valued costumer service, they would staff their pharmacies and stores appropriately?

I currently work for CVS as a certified pharmacy technician, and I always feel terribly for our customers when they wind up waiting more than 'advertised' 15 minutes for their prescription to be filled. But without adequate staffing (three of our techs were recently let go), it's extremely difficult to fulfill these expectations.


Well perhaps once you are old enough to drive you can get quick service.