Big Rapids, Michigan
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our family went to walgreens in big rapids mi on 4/5/14 to have easter photos taken with the easter bunny for our kids and grand kids, while their my husband hugged the easter bunny trying to convince our 18 month and 23 month old grand daughters it was ok to have their picture taken, our grand daughters were held forcefully on the rabbits lap refusing to let the girls down until they were red in the face and screaming. when I said something about this my family and I left.

the very next morning a police officer called us at home stating they needed to meet with my husband regarding a walgreens incident on 4/5/14. upon arriving at the police department we were informed that the rabbit is claiming my husband felt her breast during the photo shoot.

seriously our entire family was their and witnessed the entire thing, it was a grandpa, father and husband trying to make our kids feel comfortable with a simple hug to the easter bunny. my husband is innocent and walgreens will be sued for this.

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I think the bunny is telling the truth. Why would she lie?

Even if you say it's not true, she felt it. What are you planning on suing for?


You people are crazy. I live near Big Rapids and this is all over the local news.

This really happened. I say sue the pants off of Walgreens and the girl in the Bunny Costume. So pathetic. Like he even knew it was a woman in the suit, most people would assume it is a male.

She had the nerve to actually report a Grandpa for sexual assault over this. This girl should be ashamed of herself!!!


Good luck finding a lawyer to represent a sexual predator!


Best joke complaint in a while. Feelin' up da bunny.

Who wouldn't? Every man's fantasy!!


really the police have no footage from surveillance, they have nothing but a girl dressed as a easter bunny claiming my husband brushed up against her breast, wtf kinda *** is that? seriously who rapes the *** easter bunny.

u are all pretty messed up to even think this could really be serious... I am pretty sure that nothing will come of this in court and also pretty sure that walgreens will be sued in civil court for causing our family grief over one employees stupidity.


So when you win your case, I'm almost certain you will, what will you do with your $4294967295? FYI.

I'm sure the police would not of shown up based on a he said she said story.

I'm sure they reviewed the entire incident on Walgreens security system! Good luck suing them for what exactly?


It is THERE....THEIR is used to express ownership...There is a location....and you have kids, hope they learn better then you did.


this one sick *** rabbit for claiming *** that aint true and trying to destroy a family


Ha!! Walgreens will be sued?

More like you will be and your husband will have to register as a sex offender. Good luck with that.

And where did you get the amount you are out??? R.e.t.a.r.d.


ur a real sorry piece of *** for even thinking that walgreens is right and we are wrong, no my husband wont register and he wont be charged or convicted and walgreens will be sued and that rabbit has *** mental issues for real his wife, kids, and grand kids were all right their.... ur ***



Why would the person in the bunny costume make up a story like this? Sounds like the bunny isn't going to let this lecherous man get away with groping her!

And, his wife sounds like a very uneducated person and should keep her mouth shut because she should have been the one to try to get the children to calm down not the husband.

It was a situation where he thought he could get away with his indiscretion, but I'm siding with the bunny. These people, the husband and the wife, need to face the music and get what they truly have coming to them - justice!