Beaverton, Oregon

Waited in line 15 minutes on my lunch half hour hoping to fill an emergency Rx before returning to the dentist again late afternoon. No they said can't fill before another 25 minutes I'd have to wait.

You're not helping customers. Close the portland Lloyd center area walgreens today. I am a nurse and find exceptions are needed to be made everyday on the job when working or helping people.

Owners should Hire more pharmacists or assistants especially for peak hours. I will never enter your stores ever again anywhere and I will make sure I do not recommend patients enter your store either.

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Obviously if you waited 15 minutes in line then they were backed up. The fact they even told u 25 mins was generous.


I don't believe for one second that you're an RN, because if you were, you would at least have a basic understanding of the process behind filling a prescription.

Rude, self entitled people like you are the reason retail pharmacy was miserable for me.

These are prescription drugs that could kill you if they're filled incorrectly, yet you want them in the same amount of time it takes to get a happy meal. Please get over yourself


Oh hunny, speaking as a pharmacy tech I can tell you that it literally will take at least 15 minutes to fill a new rx. Sometimes the pharmacy gets backed up due to insurance problems and reviewing c2 rx's.

So yes, sometimes the wait will be longer but we go as fast as we can to get everyone taken care of. The ones who came in first who chose to wait will be taken care of in order. So please, get off your high and mighty horse. Oh and btw every company gives a certain amount of hours per week that they use to budget in all of their employees.

So that's nut always possible. Stop procrastinating then you can't complain.


As a nurse you should know that rushing to get something done could cause errors that could kill someone. The fact that you were irresponsible and waited til last minute is not their fault and they shouldn't put everyone at risk because of it.


they get paid if the customers are happy or mad they get paid on numbers and only numbers so if they do not fill one prescription the corporate office will never know. they will still get paid that is why CVS is right acrossed the street they are surviving on unhappy walgreens customers@


Yeah, Walgreens, you aren't helping anyone by filling prescriptions in 25 minutes. You should close the Portland Lloyd center store, then it will be really convenient to help people and for them to get prescriptions filled. *note sarcasm