Athens, Tennessee

This is not a cry but to address a few things. I worked for wg in 2000 and previously in 2012.

Very different from then to now. So there is a lot wrong with the company now, it is trying to seriously pay cut its employees my boss I work with was forced to take this cut or quit. I am 30 and when I went back after my time in the service in 2012 they paid me 8$ an hr. Which is insulting, the only reason I did it was because I was a full time student.

But talking with my shift manager who had been with the company 11 years tell me all the things going on suprised me. A young kid who is a great employee who comes in on days people call in has been their 2 years never promoted and no ra8se not even a dime. The citizens of this country are allowing way to many misdeeds from these companies and our goverment we need to force our hand boycott for real and march our cities towns. We need our country back not a business, that is really eating us alive.

I dont want anarchy I love my country and will die for the people if necessary, I just want our freedom and pride back the old days.

You can add me facebook . I would like to get a mass amount of people to ban togather and be heard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Hmm.. So you must have been an MGT being demoted as an SFL.

Also means that you didn't get your BA. Otherwise they would have let you become an EXA :P.


You sound like a trouble maker, maybe that is why you didn't get higher pay. But then on the other hand, $8.00 an hour is roughly the going rate in retail.

People are lucky if they get that, because a lot places pay minimum wage, which is something like $7.30 an hour, unless you live in a state that has their own minimum wage, which most of the time is higher than the national of $7.30 per hour. Myself I think minimum wage should be done away with and replace it with a living wage.