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I was, until today a regular customer at the Walgreen's @ 4140 S. Broadway St.

Louis, MO 63118. Literally everyday. One security guard that always only works Sunday and constantly harasses people was there again. As I was checking out, she made a comment that she could have me arrested for being there.

I DID NOT say anything to provoke this woman, but have had dealings with her on two previous occasions. Both times reported to the store manager, but since she is still employed there, obviously to no avail. I then decided to just leave and she followed me outside called me a fa**ot and SPIT on me!. I then waled back to the store and told the manager who shrugged his shoulders and ignored me.

I called the police and guess what? I was drug back into the store with the police, had my picture taken like I had stolen something and issued a trespass warning and told I could never return to a Walgreen's ever! It was so humiliating! Not only was I assaulted by an employee with a bodily fluid, I was humiliated like a criminal.

Walgreen's need NOT EVER worry about me stepping foot inside their stores again. What they need to worry about is me contact a personal injury lawyer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Sounds like a horrible turn of coincidence.

-I pity you. :)

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