Madison, Wisconsin
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What a crime for a wealthy company like walgreens to create the SFL position - SFL's are expected to be managers & run the store doing 99% of the work starting at the high salary of $11/hour.

It's insulting & degrading to call these hard-working staff "floor leads!" They are also on-call during non-business hours when a store alarm is triggered.

My manager has their cell phone off so walgreens security ends up calling one of the SFL's to come in at 3 am, thanks so much walgreens! No wonder the interviewee for a SFL position walked out the other day when they heard what was expected of them for $11/hour.

The company is a great example of modern greed & fascism!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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and if they took the job the TITLE would have changed 5 times and they would offer less pay the demoted new title less pay by 5.00 dollars. yes walgreens doesnt care about employees more then they dont care about customers

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