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To Whom it May Concern 4/14/12

My son had rode his bike up to the store to get a surprise for his little brother while at the store he was looking around and the manager came up to him and said "If you don't have parents then you have to leave" my son told the manager that he had money and was going to be buying something for his little brother the manager (Tom) just walked away from my son called me to tell me that he felt uncomfortable and intimidated with the way the manger was talking to him. I asked my why he said the manager made him feel like he was a thief. I then got in my car and went to the store and asked for a manager they called a guy who came up and I asked him why my son is not allowed in the store if he has money to pay for things. The manager said that he had a few kids that were in the in the store a bit ago and he thought he was part of them I asked him did you ask if he was he said no I told him that is totally uncool that he would discriminate against my son because he was worried about these other kids shoplifting at that a time another employee (Rosie) decided to say well he was in the pencil isle too. I said I don't care where he was he has money to pay for stuff and that it wasn't her concern in the first place because I didn't ask for her she was rude disrespectful and very ignorant to your manager and to us as customers, I asked your manager who she was he said an employee I said then she has nothing to do with this I told her my forth great grandfather was black and my grandfather was Mexican but she said I don't need to know your history and she stomped away. My point was to let her know that it is rude and ignorant to make assumptions that a kid is going to steal because he's in the pencil isle. I told your manager that if he is afraid of shoplifting he has no right to discriminate against my son who is a straight A student and was only there to spend money on a Saturday that he needs to get his details first. NOWHERE on your building does it say a parent needs to be present. I also told him that we were new here and this isn't this the first time this has happened in this area but if we as a community continue to accuse or treat our kids as thief's they will rebel...this is completely why we have the issues we do with our youth today because of your manager at this store and your employee. As a customer of Walgreens I will not use that facility anymore and I feel that this Walgreens is a of place that discriminates against our youth and really needs to have a good look at it by your corporate offices. I request that this is handled and I hear back from someone a.s.a.p.

Concerned Parent

Consumer Relations Contact Information

Phone: toll-free (800) 925-4733

7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday thru Friday

Address: Walgreen Company Consumer Relations

1411 Lake Cook Rd, Mail Stop #L428

Deerfield, IL 60015

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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I know this was two years ago, but I imagine the same scenario has been revisited countless times by this child and his mother. She mentioned it was not the first time it had happened since moving to the location, and that says a lot to me.

The store's manager and employee are not the problem with our youth! Mothers like this woman raising their children to not respect their elders, treating their children as an adult friend, and not monitoring their children effectively are to blame for the problems with our youth.

Bringing up race to the manager or employee makes little for someone complaining about youth discrimination. They did not discriminate against her "special little snowflake" and stores reserve the right to make someone leave.

If her son was raised as a respectful child he would have said, "Yes, sir." He would have left and gone home or to another store, but instead he argued and then called mommy to tattle. That alone suggests he was not old enough to be out shopping on his own. I'm unsure why one would believe that a straight A student is above shoplifting, and suspect a great deal of this mother's time is spent in denial. It also is no longer the feat it once was to obtain a 4.0.

Politicians have done a stellar job in their effort to dumb down the education system in this country.

Sadly, with so many parents like this woman the teachers get the blame for it. They also get the blame when parents fail to make their child do homework, fail to educate their child outside of the classroom, and fail to monitor grades before they receive a report card with Cs, Ds, and Fs on it.


lol you got played by your son. Just because he had money to buy something doesnt mean he was going to.

He may be an angel to you, but doesnt mean he is when you arent around. Think about it you will figure it out. The manager did nothing wrong. I am assuming your son is about 12.

He had every right to tell him to leave. Children alone in a store with candy, toys and condomns steal.

I see it everyday. (note the puctuation) :)


Mad because you tried playing the race card and they told you they don't care. Better get the NAACP because they refused to kiss your butt


there's a few points to this story that the original poster could have told us instead of telling us this long story.

1. she lets her kids run off to stores by themselves.

2. she couldn't accept a simple apology and that the manager made a mistake.

3. so that means the mother thinks she's perfect.

4. the mother thinks that every Walgreens is horrible now because of that one minor incident.

5. her kid might be part of a gang of thieves. I guess we'll wait for the next story to have the same subject, it'll just happen at Walmart.


Wow im not here for English classes...two never said my son was perfect. I also have worked in retail and u don't just assume, and if u read what I posted my soon felt intimidated which is neverok for a adult to do to kid reguardless of age.

Three it was never about taking a word of someone it was an adult that intimidated my son for no reason...a manager no less, and he has every right to be there. Oh and fyi his dad is an officer....


No one ever solved anything with a run-on sentence.


You don't say how old your son is, but as someone who works in retail I can tell you that unaccompanied children are a bane to most of us. I don't think you should blame the manager, blame it on those kids that cause problems and steal. Of course we all know that your kid is a perfect angel who never, ever does anything wrong.


The problem with kids today are parents just like you!!! There was a time in this country that parents took the word of Teachers/Police/Salespeople etc over the word of their kids and this country was a better place for it.

Now days a kid can say anything happened to them and the parent AUTOMATICALLY assumes their kid is telling the truth and that "my poor baby" was being treated I am going to sue cause you treated by baby so badily!!! Thats why kids have no respect for their elders..they KNOW they can get away with anything. Oh by the way having money in hand has nothing to do with potential shoplifting.

The MAJORITY of shoplifters actually have plenty of cash and credit cards. They do it for the thrill or from pear pressure, NOT because they cant afford it.