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Walgreens (1/22/16) My issue with Walgreens isn't complicated. On 1/16/16, I got a prescription of Tamsulosin filled at the Enumclaw, WA, Walgreens. I picked up the Tamsulosin at the pharmacy counter. I examined the contents. I found the pharmacy gave me 90 pills instead of 180 which the prescription called for.

I pointed out the error to the pharmacist himself. I had a feeling I should talk directly to the pharmacist. He checked his computer and agreed a mistake was made. He told me the prescription would be corrected.

I returned on 1/22/16 to pick up the Tamsulosin. The pharmacist told me that he gave me 180 pills on 1/18/16 and refused to give me the 90 missing pills. The store manager would not help and refused to fill the 90 missing pills.

My daughter counted how many pills I actually received on 1/16/16 and I only received 72 pills in total.

This would be a “he said / he said” situation except my caregiver was with me on 1/18/16 and heard the pharmacist admit to the original mistake. She heard him promise me he would correct the error.

This is just one example of the errors the Enumclaw Walgreens Pharmacy has made with my prescriptions. Needless to say I will be transferring my prescriptions to Chuck's Pharmacy in Buckley, WA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walgreens Cons: Inaccuracy and errors all the time.

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  • Fill Error
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I live in Portland and way too many times the pharmacy shorted me, was more than rude and the last time when I was to get 5 bottles of insulin, they gave me 4 and what a dummy to think they were going to give me the 1 missing bottle. The pharmacist claimed my insurance was at fault.

I was loud and let other customers know that I NEVER had that problem with RITE AID!

Where does Walgreens hire their pharmacists? Most of the folks I've had to deal with are not too swift and clueless!


Oh my gosh, I would have been livid. I too am a diabetic and can't imagine the trouble it would have caused me to be without enough insulin.

I had to laugh.

I also have had nothing but a great experience with RiteAid. Here's a shout out to Ken the pharmacist at the Port Angeles RiteAid.

Something interesting I recently read is that Walgreens bought out RiteAid. So this makes CVS and Walgreens holding 90+% of the market share in the drug store market. Yikes.

Hope the Walgreens pharmacists don't go to work for RiteAid.

Here is something interesting I discovered today. I don't want Walgreen's emails. I looked for an unsubscribe link in the most recent email and found none. The law says there is supposed to be an unsubscribe link but I guess Walgreens is ignoring the law.

I went to my Walgreens online account and searched everywhere for a link to delete my Walgreens account.

None could be found. So I input a bogus email address, phone number, and deleted my cell phone number.

I hope this is the last time I hear from Walgreens.


Count all meds before you leave


4/16/16 update - Walgreens in Enumclaw finally did give me the missing 90 pills. It took speaking with Corporate headquarters to get this situation resolved.

When I picked up the pills, my caregiver commented, "did you see how mad the store manager was?"

Yes, I could tell. He didn't speak a word to me but you could see the tension and animosity.


*** yeah, charles! i will follow that up with a prompt please excuse my language!

but i genuinely felt swearing was in due order to properly represent the magnitude of my happiness upon someone being determined enough to see something through entirely, especially when one has been honestly wronged.


Thank you for the kind comment. I'm a senior citizen and I really needed those pills to go to the bathroom.

I'm on a fixed income so I couldn't just go out and buy replacement pills.

I think what motivated me to pursue this is the really nasty attitude I got from the pharmacist and store manager. They were less than friendly. Down right angry.

When I picked up the replacement pills, I was greeted by the store manager who did the check out. He was livid but said little to me.

I could feel his anger. I thought it was my paranoia but later my caregiver who accompanied me that day commented on how angry the store manager seemed to be.

I still use Walgreens mail order pharmacy.

They are always pleasant and helpful even when a mistake is made.

I'm in a wheelchair so getting the benefit of meds delivered to my mail box is a God send.

Thanx again for your message. All my best.


How is it possible that you counted 90 pills in the presence of the pharmacist, but your daughter counted only 72 pills the same day? Someone's calculations are not adding up, and it isn't Walgreens ..... Just saying!


The 72 amount was a error on my part. Someone had set up my pill boxes and used some of the 90 pills to refill my medikit.

In actuality, I did receive 90 pills out of 180.


wow that's totally messed up


I'd like to clarify that I never had a problem with the Walgreens mail order pharmacy. Only the local Enumclaw Walgreens is a poorly run pharmacy.


Your problem here is that you "found" the error after leaving the pharmacy counter. (You don't come right out and admit to that, but that is apparent since you state you had to "return" to have the error corrected.) You must ALWAYS check your prescription BEFORE leaving the counter, for obvious reasons.

This goes for any pharmacy.

No pharmacist is going to just hand over extra pills based on your word. Better luck next time.


I did not leave the counter. I looked at all the prescriptions while at the counter with the pharmacist present.