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I worked for Walgreens since I was 18. Walgreens gave me my first job.

I was hired on as a Photo Tech back in 2010. I maintained my full time position with the company until 2014. At first, I was always the young kid, so they wouldn't give me serious work or they always watched over what I did. I had some awesome managers and some super *** ones too.

I've heard Store Managers plot to fire African American employees to "teach the rest of them a lesson". I've seen Store Managers sit and wait for an employee to *** up, and the minute they do they were fired. I've seen people at work one day and totally gone the next. Point blank : If you can find another job, do it.

Walgreens will overwork and underpay you. I've seen both floor employees, pharmacy techs, and assistant managers all suffer this fate. You will be asked to do a million things during your employment, all which you should probably get a raise for doing. I worked completely alone (with a manager) in the store several times.

Since the recession and budget cuts, they eliminated positions and created new ones. That caused all the hourly employees to take on more work and the company never compensated them for it. I had to transfer stores three times due to relocation, and they left finding the store up to me. I had to make the calls and see what store had hours.

Luckily it is a big chain so I was able to find something every single time I moved. Every store I was in needed a Head Photo Tech and I applied for the position and all three times they passed over me. There are people who have been at Walgreens for years and never given a promotion simply because Walgreens can't fire them without reason and the employees can't do the job they apply for so they are stuck where they are at. I've been pressured to tattle on a manager to save my own job.

I've been written up for saying things like "I don't want to serve that customer because she was rude." or joking around to a co worker when she told me I had a customer and me saying "I don't care!" (sarcastically and without any customers in the store around), but going to help them anyway. Wonder how I got fired? I had an angry co worker tattle on me to my Store Manager for something minor, and the Store Manager decided to fire me. They threw out EVERYTHING in my locker before I could claim it.

All in all, they suck.


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Wow. Sorry you had a bad work experience.

Ive been at Walgreens for a little bit over a year. I have never had problem with other employee's managers or pharmacist. Even when I was going thru a pregnancy if I said I couldn't do something no one made me they picked up the slack. When I had my daughter everyone in my store called and congratulated me and her father.

When she passed away my boss called and told me to *** as long as I needed. I hate reading employee reviews that are negative...but im so thank ful I have a positive work place where the employees have become good friends.


Dear friend sorry that you had to experience such ignorance from people who should have better sense than the lack of it they showed. I truly am disgusted by your post, SHAME ON THEM!!

I have other comments I would like to say, but I am not going to lower myself to the low level of their employees.

The more I read and myself have experienced at Walgreens the more I will make sure to drive the extra miles to a store for my needs.


The low level of their employees?


hope you found something better. did you experience the pay cuts?

job title changes with pay cuts? How often did you see change over at the stores you were at?


No, they eliminated two different manager positions and stuck them in one category and forced them to take a pay cut (not sure what amount) if they stayed with the company. They also made it more difficult to become a store manager.

They did create a pay bracket for each floor position that made it so if you hit the maximum amount you weren't able to get a raise unless you got promoted. Changes were constant with the managers, except the Store manager stayed the same.

They used to rotate managers around, but now they have stopped that. Still changes with co workers and managers are present