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I bought 2 lip protection sticks that is on sale with register reward. When my first tranaction conpleted, the cashier hand me 1 lip stick (without a bag!) and a receipt.

When he ran the second transaction, I paid and got the changes, he gave me the receipt only so ask him where is the lip stick. He said I already give it to you. I am so confuse! I paid for 2 (as I have 2 receipts on hand) but I only got 1 lip stick.

He left me standing right there at the register but did not serve me or response to me. Instead he brought up other customers. After awhile, to get his attention, I said, "If you think that I got the second lip stick, you can ask someone to search me and review the camercas but I will file a lawsuit if your guys can't find the second lip stick on me." Ok, the second lip stick shows up after he looked around. It is under his register counter (left).

He gave it to me without saying sorry but he said, "you have alot already!" I was shock. What does he means? I just got here 10 minutes ago to buy/reload my clipper. Then I got my lip sticks.

I asked to talk to the manager. Minh, and Assistant Manager, showed up and told me that she is in charge. I told her the situation but she kept accusing me that I should not buy 2 since it is an on sale item. It means 1 per "family" as she saw I am with another person (at home, I read the ad again.

I don't see the any indication of "1 per family"). Minh asked me to return the lip stick. I am fine to return the product but that was not my point. My point is that the cashier failed to give the product after I paid for it but assuming that he already gave it to me and said that "I have alot already." Now the assitant manager asked me to return the product because I can only purchase 1 (per family).

If this is their policy then the cashier should inform me when I was at the register and should NOT run the second transaction.

That simple. I don't really know how Minh got her job as an Assistant Manager since she really does not have enough knowledge and know how to handle complaint but instead she was twisting the problem that it was my fault.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Are you really turning that situation in to a race thing? That's what's wrong with this society.

Wanna scream racisim on anything when you don't get your way. Fyi. There is a limit on our sale items. And we have the right to reserve the quanity if we won't to.

The manager should not have made you return it after already purchaising it.

But with your little racisim rant, I don't feel sorry for your unpleasant visit. With the mentality you have it was probably your attitude that got you that sucky service.


Erm... Regarding limits, you should read the disclaimer on the last/back page of the flyer, at the very bottom underneath all the coupons and sales.

But like you said...

That isn't the point you are making. Sweet of you to re-read it again anyway.