Knoxville, Alabama
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iIn Walgreens in Belen NM ON 1/3/13 a customer gets accused of shop lifting while waiting for a prescription,police called and made a seen,no mangers addressed the person,nothing found ,no apology just false accusations. Walgreens store very unprofessional in what happened.

I could not believe what happened...........

I Never heard of such a way to do business,in today's economy it sucks that some store employees can make false statements to police and the police can act like judge and jury with out any evidence. Belen police are untouchable,Walgreen employee that caused this embarrassment goes on untouched , the person accused embarrassed........what a deal

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Portland, Maine, United States #603334

Now let's hear the employees side of the story...


These stores need more training. Sounds like someone should be fired over this kinds of mistakes!!

The least they should do is apologize!!

Westbrook, Maine, United States #589036

I imagine she could file a lawsuit for deformation of character. That is embarrassing and horrific.

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