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I am very upset about a script that I receive. When I took my prescription in, I specifically told the person taking it that I need 3 boxes of my fentanyl patch but that I have to have the MYLAN brand.

I asked if he could see if they have enough for my order and he checked and said yes. I picked up my script the next day but should have looked in the bag because today I discovered they gave me the WATSON brand which I DON'T use. My doctor even told me he wanted me to stick to one brand. I always ask for the Mylan brand and if they do not have it, they either order it, or will find a Walgreens in town that may have it.

Even in my file they have MYLAN brand only.. I didn't open the bag right away but when I did, I discovered their mistake. I called them and talked to someone in great detail about what happened and they said to bring it back in and they would exchange it for me. I drive down there and they then tell me they can't take it back because it had been more than a day.

While I understand their position, what I think they should have done is take the script back, fill it with the right one and then eat the one they gave me and have the manufacturer dispose of it. Why do I have to use a script that was clearly their mistake? If it was any other script I would just take the new one and then go back to the one I use.. However, with THIS particular script, it is a controlled substance..

So I cannot have my doctor order it again for 30 days. I HAVE to use these. They are bigger than the ones I always use so I have to now spend more money getting bigger Tagaderm patches (or I have to use 2 of them) to put over the patch so when I take a shower it won't flood/ruin the patch.. This will cost me at least 30 bucks more.

Yes, they apologized to me as it was clearly their error, but then did absolutely nothing to make it right. Nothing. I am highly upset over this issue and it isn't the first time its happened. I think they should have taken them back..

filled it with the right brand and then wrote off the ones they say they can't sell if they took them back.. after all.. it wasn't my fault.. I requested the brand I wanted and the person taking the order went to check to see if they had them..

I just think your policy should be different.. You should take back a script if you are in error instead of making the patient use a brand their doctor told them NOT to use.. (He doesn't want me to go back and forth between brands since they are all different and are again a controlled substance) I also have to worry that I am going to die using these patches since this patch is filled with gel that you can move around instead of individual time released bubbles releasing the medication.. Someone died in Houston using this brand.

I would NEVER use this brand ever.. So now I get to be stressed for the entire month because of Walgreens not wanting to make it right because it might cost you something.

This is not fair! Please change this policy!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Fentanyl Transdermal Patch Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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