I worked for Walgreens for 11 years, I started part time to stay on SSD. The first 3 managers were very nice and asked what they can do to help you out.

Once this new manager came in and staff was cut in half he would always pick on me everyone seen it but nobody helped. I called the district manager at one point but a few months later he was up to his old tricks again. If something came up he would make fun of me calling the district manager. He would meet me clocking in and would tell me what I did wrong the day before.

I worked in photo, he didn't like me working just in photo he wanted me to stock too. I am on SSD because on back problems, he had me call my doctor and have him fax a note that it was true. Once they cut staff me and the assistant mgr would be the only two in the store until 9 am. He would yell at me that someone was waiting in photo while I was on register one.

You can't count on him to do any work One time he got right in my face yelling at me waiting for answer, I didn't answer he turned his head and took off like my five year old. 11 years, never took a snow day, sick day $10 an hour. They even went as far to have everyone sign a paper stating we will not form a union?? My fathers generation had union jobs he bought a new house a new car all on his union job.

Rules have changed America with too many people out of work they would be glad just to have a job, at what price? Busted unions, Ford plant closed, Chrysler plant closed, Eastern airlines closed, TWA closed. Our country was built by union labor, now it's run by millionaires.

I don't work at Walgreens anymore. Get out if you can.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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