Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Went to Walgreen's to buy US flags at the store near Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa WI. There is not one flag in the entire store.

Normally there are US flags hanging in the aisles and shelved. I figured for Labor Day and Patriot Day there certainly would be flags. I asked a clerk and she said they received no shipment of flags this year and she was also puzzled. Labor Day just passed plus the 10th anniversary of 911 is next Sunday.

This is very disgusting.

As much as I like Walgreen's I'm tempted to never shop there again. What's up?

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I've been to the store by Mayfair and never had any kind of problem with their service or stock. I don't think it's right to be upset with the company because you ASSUMED they would be well-stocked with American flags, is this how you act every time you don't get your way? Just remember that Walgreens is first and foremost a PHARMACY and you should have just gone to look for flags somewhere else instead of complaining about it.


Pharmacy lost our scripts several times. Charged the wrong amount for co pay. Rude and uneducated staff, I wonder if they know at all what they are doing. I have been to at least 5 Walgreens and they are all the same.

When they cause you a hardship it's Oh well, I will call the doctor. I asked where is the original prescription we handed to them personally about a month ago. No answer they are looking for misfiles, etc.

Spoke with the Mgr. has no answers at all!


Thats strange, I noticed a huge majority of Walgreens carrying United States Flags around JULY 4TH. Isn't that strange!?!?

Of course corporate sees this as a seasonal item and can't be carried in store all year round...

it serves you right for not being patriotic enough to buy one in July (WHEN THEY WERE THERE), and worse so that you're confusing a pharmacy for a flag store... you are a horrible, horrible excuse for an American.


Did you try speaking to the manager to make sure it wasn't an issue with their supplier? With the various storms, etc.

going on, a lot of shipments of items that go to other parts of the country simply aren't showing up on time or at all. Often, if you ask the manager rather than an hourly employee, they can clear up the problem or at least give a reasonable reason as to why it's happening.

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