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Walgreens - Deal Review from Fort Pierce, Florida

I had Walgreens treat me like i was the lowest most insignifacant person on earth. I am 56 years old with numerous documented chronic illnesses. Took my persciption for pain to the pharmacy. After they sent me to numerous other pharmacies no one could fill it. Come on. Chronic pain is a very real miserable way to live. Why is it my diabetes is treated but my chronic pain shouldn't be instead its shameful. Im sorry if people get addicted to these meds but they also make it possible for alot of people to live better lives. Taken as directed narcotic pain medication works well for me. Please dont deny me the same respect i recieve when picking up other prescription. So sick of it okay. Im in pain i am not a drug dealer or junkie. I am simply a grandma with the misfortune of suffering chronic pain and having to deal with arrogant simple minded people at the pharmacy. Someday they may walk in my shoes and i hope people treat them with as much contempt as they show me.
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It is necessary because doctors with way more education are being second guessed by a pharmacist who only has a degree in chemistry.When people who have terminal illnesses like let us say cancer cannot even get their meds something is very wrong.Anonymous have you ever watched someone die like that?It is not pretty.With people not being able to get their meds the suicide rate will increase due to the never ending pain they must live with everyday.People will turn to illegal drugs putting their lives and others lives at risk.While you can handle your pain others cannot.You should pray real hard that you never get cancer or als or ms etc. because you cannot imagine the pain that comes with these.I think if it did happen to you your stance on this subject would change radicaly.


Just so you know, a pharmacist has WAY more than "only a degree in Chemistry" as you put it. Pharmacists go through 4 years of intense pharmacology education and your doctor with "way more education" goes through 1 semester.

Not trying to say doctors are not smart and don't have to go through rigorous schooling, but a pharmacist is a specialist in the medications your doctor studied for a semester.

I'm sorry you get treated like a drug addict for a serious chronic pain problem and I hope you find a pharmacy that will treat with you respect! :)


But the doctor runs tests the pharmacist does not see..may have tried different drugs on you given as samples..the pharamacist also does not know your medical history at all and now there is an accelerated program where they go to grad school only 2 years!And sorry to say they are only chemists.If they wanted to set your broken leg really would you let a pharmacist do that?I know some pharmacists and do you know most of the classes are lectures?Has a pharmacist ever dissected a human corpse?I am sorry but there are things I only trust my doctor for like prescribing meds.The pharmacist just does not have enough info on you to prescribe.I was a pharm tech and I know.....all they do is enter your info in the computer print out the label and count the pills or mix the cream.They are not filling scripts because they are afraid of the d.e.a. and that is the only reason.

And the d.e.a. should stay the h e c k out of health care too.


Was it necessary to whine about this so many times? You sound like a spoiled brat when you do that.

I am 74 and ten years ago I refused to take medication for my spine that is full of arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, and the usual joint pains that people start to get as they get older. My internal medicine doctor agreed with my decision because of all the other medications I am on.

The reason I refused to take pain medication is I have seen too many people that I know act either spaced out or else they are really drowsy while they are taking meds for their pain. I have taught myself how to do self hynosis and that works really good 95% of the time and the rest of the time I will combine a couple aspirin with the hypnosis and that takes care of it.

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