Concord, New Hampshire

B~WARE!!!! If you are asked to partcipate in a survey and to receive a $50.

Gift Card from Walgreen's...It is a SCAM! Once in the survey, you are asked to complete information for, "Netflicts & Disney."(Both requesting you to "JOIN and become a member!) In order to complete the process you need to "accept" at the end to receieve the gift card!

I contacted Walgreen's with this information and the Web site address of the marketing company promising the GC, Walgreens have not responeded!!!!! The phony address is as follows: ( ) I have been DUPED!

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I am getting the walgreens emails, but i am always skeptical about things like this, and i NEVER click on a link. Thanks for the info!


Thank you for saving me from wasting my time!


Got it too.


I have been receiving these about Walgreens, CVS and American Airlines every day for a week or so, multiple times a day - actually multiple times an hour.


same scam.

sender was . (.date?!)

and all the links, including the "unsubscribe" pointed to a buried subdirectory at, which may (or may not) just be a compromised website, with an extra directory or two added by hackers.

but what's a .date domain?!

Sterling, Colorado, United States #1286204

I tried to put in my address an the survey, but have too many pop ups.

609 North 9th Avenue is my address.


I spent half the day dealing with the same scam with minor changes. Finally froze my VISA card and requested a new one with a new account number. Wells Fargo was very helpful reversing the charge and freezing my account.

New York, New York, United States #1082585

I also got this request. There;s no way Walgreens would have my email address


I got today with the address

I'm guessing that's spam as well.

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #998295

Also received an email from this address ( -

Orange, California, United States #957992

This is not a scam, these are the requirements that you have to meet before receiving your gift card. Walgreens has a promotion with those companies.

You really should have checked with your parents before making this post because clearly you are wrong.

They could have explained to you that this is not a scam, and that Disney and Netflicts are promoting this together. Next time ask a parent to clear things for you before making yourself look foolish.

to KevinRichards #1050182

Does anyone know how to spell "NETFLIX".

to KevinRichards #1457713

Scammer. You ppl should be arrested.“Netficts?” Really?

to KevinRichards #1502716

Wow, Kevin.

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #957985

This happened to me as well. You can usually tell when you looks @ the sender's email address.

The email I received indicated Walgreens $50 free voucher once you've completed their survey. The sender's address was from

Nothing is for free people.

Any survey on line is simply there (at a minimum) to gather your personal data or @ worst phishing for additional scams. Beware!

Garrettsville, Ohio, United States #949761

Beware of the subject "Claim your $50 Walgreens Gift_Card". Think of what these kind of idiots could do if they paid attention to detail?

Southaven, Mississippi, United States #937408

I had one that I think is similar from


The only surveys endorsed by walgreens are the ones printed directly on your receipts. there are scams for free gift cards circulating for a lot of different chains such as walmart, best buy etc.

basically if it isnt on the receipt or store website its most likely fraud. and the stores arent the ones making them so they are not responsible

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