Deltona, Florida

I was so furious that Walgreens gave me an expired eye medication that was in a worn, taped up box. I could not believe that such a large company would try to endanger me especially with medication that goes in my eyes.

I will be exploring every avenue possible to expose this fraudulent act.

Walgreens was the pharmacy I got all my medications from and I have now transferred all my prescriptions to another pharmacy since I don't trust them anymore.

Their employees are also very rude and don't appreciate the business of loyal consumers. They need to do better training.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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walgreens is cutting pay and hrs of employees. cutting costs means things get neglected and screwed up report all issue to

Go ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)


Go U.S. Food and Drug Administration's MedWatch Reporting Program


Deltona, Florida, United States #735979

Actually I lied because they fired me. Just wanted to make them look bad.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #735976

And by exploring every avenue...i guess that means this site - cause this is the authority on correcting social wrongs. So let me guess did not catch this until you got as in having already left the store? I cant remember a time in Walgreens where the medicine and instructions were gone over in detail......were you sleeping at the counter?

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